• Best Ways To Customize Your Graduation Hoods

    Like any other event, graduation clothing is crucial. This is the time that depicts both achievement and academic finale of a student. As a result, the mere graduation hoods as the piece of graduation clothing that holds the true meaning of this occasion have to be precise and well attached.  Hoods play a vast role in creating a majestic graduation day. The graduation hoods signify an incredibly rich meaning- pride and success to graduates. The practice of wearing a graduation hood for college graduates has been truly passed down from one generation to the next generations as existing civilizing changes. So to build an ultimate commencement day, guarantee your hood with its perfect required colors apart from the other pieces of regalia. Whether you finished your bachelor, masters, or PhD degree you have to acquire the right doctoral gowns, caps, especially the graduation hoods for the ceremony. There are numerous dissimilar colors that graduation hoods cleave to carry the symbol of th ...

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  • Graduation Hoods For Every Degree

    Oftentimes, some people thought that Graduation hoods are all the same. It was only recently when it was found out that these tradition academic regalia accessories are actually different and are given according to your degree. For those who have no prior knowledge of this, these are some information on how to distinguish graduation hoods. You can differentiate your academic hoods by its size, color of the velvet material, and color of the lining. The size and width of the velvet actually represent the type of degree the wearer is graduating from. The next time you go in a graduation ceremony, try to check the following: •    the smallest sized hoods are for Bachelor Degree graduates •    the medium size hoods are for students graduating in their Master's Degree •    the largest size hoods are for Doctoral or PhD graduates The velvet on the hood stands for the degree of the graduate. For example, Doctoral hoods are given the velvet color to correspond to their degree. So ...

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  • Doctoral Graduates: What to Do Before and After the Graduation Day

     Graduation days are always special, but anyone will agree that students graduating with doctorates are on a different level entirely. You can only earn a doctorate if you achieve the highest degree that a university holds. This depends on the study or discipline you are specializing in, but it is considered an honor because not everybody can accomplish it. Now that we have established how special doctoral graduation days are, we will now move on to what you need to do before and after the graduation day to ensure you are as prepared as possible. And since being prepared is equal to confidence and comfort, you also get to enjoy that unforgettable day to its fullest. Before the graduation day: -          Ensure that you have everything you need: graduation robe, graduation cap (this may be a mortarboard or a Tudor bonnet), academic hood, a diploma cover to keep the diploma safe, and the suit or dress you will be wearing underneath the graduation robe. Ideally all these items s ...

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  • What To Wear To A Doctoral Graduation And Other FAQs

    The days before a graduation ceremony are one hectic roller coaster ride for the students, their families, and the staff of the school. Feelings of excitement commingle with stresses and worries. We would like to make this hectic time easier for you, and below we have compiled some frequently asked questions regarding graduation attire and the accessories you might need. From doctoral graduates celebrating their years of hard work to a high school graduate eager to start university, the information below should be helpful in preparing for your graduation and enjoying your graduation day to the fullest. What should I wear to a doctoral graduation? Graduation ceremonies for doctorates are among the busiest and most highly anticipated, simply because a doctorate is the highest educational level one can get. Doctoral students should comply with the university regulations regarding what to wear on graduation day. This is because the university will naturally be anxious about sticking to tra ...

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  • Getting Academic Hoods, Caps And Gowns Without The Hassles

    Whenever graduation approaches, it seems that every graduation has this dilemma of whether to buy or rent academic hoods, caps and gowns. Buying the things you need for your graduation may not seem that bad. But as much as possible, it is preferable to rent my whole academic regalia. It may have been because of what I have encountered during my graduation day.Like everyone else, I was so excited on finally graduating. I was so eager to share my happiness that I invited just about all my relative (the ones I am close with) and my friends to the event. Since I wanted my graduation day to be big and momentous, I planned my graduation party months ahead. And because most of the graduating students in our school ordered their academic hoods, caps and gowns online, I also did the same. Having planned everything, all I had to do was wait for my academic regalia. It seemed that ordering academic hoods, caps and gowns online takes about two to three weeks to deliver. Having been informed of t ...

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