• The 13 Colors of Academic Degrees: Which Graduation Tassel is right for you?

    Which side should you wear the graduation tassel? And what color should you pick? We answer that and a few more questions you may not have thought of yet. The color of the graduation tassels depend on the degree that will be conferred on you during the ceremony. Colors will also depend on school traditions. The table below is Cornell University’s guide on tassel colors according to degree. This is an example of these colors varying according to study.Tassel to the left or right? In most institutions, the tassel is worn on the right. It is moved to the left side of the graduation cap after all the diplomas have been handed out. The master of ceremony will give the cue on when to move the tassel. Someday, if you are conferred a master’s or doctorate degree, your tassel will no longer have to move your tassel. It will be hanging from the left side of the graduation cap. Not just you Your professors will, naturally, be a part of the ceremony. They will also wear the same academic reg ...

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  • Educational Attainment in the USA

    Students usually rant on how tiring it is to be at school, how teachers give assignments and projects to work on and a day to day test to study too. There is always an unending complain on the number of things to be done every night just to pass the subject.  Another factor that adds up the complains is the status quo you have to live by to fit at school and refrain from being bullied. With these dilemmas, was it able to affect the population around different schools? Over time, the educational process has changed and different prepositions and programs are being offered to students. The population of students who are able to get their diplomas in high school contains a higher percentage than degree holders even during the 1900s.  Only a few of those continue to study further and get a bachelor’s degree and or a master’s degree from a university. Do you know that the number of female students who is able to finish a bachelor’s degree contains a higher percentage than male stude ...

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  • 13 Odd Graduation Facts

    Do you have what it takes to be a great graduation trivia wizard? Let’s see if you know all of the facts that we are about to show you! I mean come on, admit it, all of us want some good old trivia. From cows having best friends (yup, that’s right) to turtles being able to breathe through their butts, the world never runs out of surprises. Obviously, no one can know it all, especially with a rather mundane topic— like graduation perhaps? No one really seems to care much about graduation which is bewildering since graduation is a huge part of just about everyone’s life. We may have been too accustomed in seeing others and even ourselves wearing our graduation cap and gown that we don’t seem to question when and how the tradition started. Did you know that the traditional graduation gowns were based on the vestments worn by medieval scholars and clergymen? They originally wore these garments to keep the cold at bay, because there were no heaters at the time. But let me guess, y ...

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  • Tips When One Gets To Buy Graduation Gowns

    When it is almost graduation time, schools and universities would often make a particular committee to handle all the preparations needed for a successful and memorable graduation ceremony. This ceremony is the most anticipated event of every student, because finally after years of hard work and perseverance one will be finally finish one’s studies and get to proceed to another chapter of one’s life. It is therefore important for a member of the university’s graduation ceremony to ensure that everything will work well on the graduation day itself. Thus, they would have to work on the decorations and graduation practices of the students. Among all the things that are needed to be prepared in a graduation ceremony, the academic regalia might just be one of the most challenging to come up. This regalia would traditionally be composed of a graduation gown, cap and hood. There are so many suppliers to choose from as to where to order and purchase these garments, thus this might not be ...

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  • The Best Place To Buy Academic Hoods, Robes, And Headdresses

    Students, sometime in their lives, will graduate from schooling. When the time comes that they will be finally graduating, they should be ready with what they are going to wear a few weeks or days before the graduation ceremony. Not only should the students be prepared on what to wear for the event but also the parents of the graduates, the teachers, the school director, and the other people who will be attending the event.  Graduation ceremonies are quite formal events so the people who will be attending the event should be mindful of what they are going to wear for the event. Elegant or formal looking clothes are recommended for the people who will be attending the event. The students, teachers and the school director are required to wear some academic regalia for the graduation ceremony. It has already been a tradition for them to wear academic regalia in graduation ceremonies. For the students, they usually have to wear some robes, academic hoods, and graduation caps. The robe is ...

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