• The Graduation Cap: A few things you might want to know before wearing—or tossing—it!

    A graduation cap is not just the cherry on top of your academic regalia; it can also make you stand out from your fellow graduates. Get some decoration ideas for your graduation cap and some interesting facts about that good old mortarboard. Before you toss that graduation cap, it might be a great idea to learn more about its history. Knowing trivial facts may not get you a college pass, much less a master’s degree, but it is always good to know. Graduation caps were patterned after a similar-looking headdress worn by Roman Catholic priests. They were first worn by master’s and doctorate students. It was not until 400 years ago that they were incorporated into the commencement exercises of bachelor’s degree holders. Because of its similarity to a bricklaying tool that holds mortar, graduation caps are also referred to as mortarboards. Other less popular terms for it are “Oxford cap” and “academic cap.”Source:During the graduation exercise, men are typically requested ...

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  • To Homeschool or Not: 5 Things You Ought to Know About American Homeschooling

    To homeschool or not? That is the question parents should now begin to consider, in light of the increasing number of home-schooled kids and the demand for quality education in the United States. In a 2012 statistical abstract released by the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of home-schooled children reached an estimated number of 1.5 million. This is equivalent to 3% of the entire American student population. What's more surprising is that according to this study, most of these home-schooled children are scoring higher than the average students who are enrolled in public or private schools. While the results remain arguable, the numbers are undeniably high enough to warrant attention, and it may imply a lot of underlying problems in the American educational system. Is it prudent to put your kids in a home school system? Here are a few things you must know about homeschooling to give you a better picture of this alternative educational system. 1. How many Americans are home-schooled? ...

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  • Going Online: A Fresh Grad’s Guide to Maximizing the Internet

     Source: The Internet offers more than just entertainment, but only a few realize or even care to think about this once they have logged on to Facebook or Twitter or YouTube and enjoyed a song or two. Who can blame them? The Internet, after all, is created to cater to people’s wants and needs — even if a large portion of it is devoted to entertainment. Nothing is wrong with that. However, if you’re a fresh graduate looking for opportunities online, then spending time on online entertainment will most likely be your least priority. So rather than spend sleepless nights liking and commenting on posts for sheer fun, why not invest on something that would guarantee more tangible benefits for your future career? Below are five things you can do to start cementing your online presence and gain more s relevant to your field of specialization.  1.Build a Clean and Solid Online Profile   Why? Because the competition in all facets of job-seeking, corporat ...

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  • The Final 4 Hurdles To Receiving That High School Diploma

    After spending four years of high school, you are now ready to graduate. There are a few more things you need to work on before you can finally earn that sweet high school diploma. Find out the possible graduation requirements of your school and how you can prepare for them! Of course, earning a high school diploma simply means going to school, getting good enough grades, and sit through the graduation ceremony. But as you probably know, graduation has its own requirements before you can literally get a hold of that coveted diploma which you have been longing for.Source:High school credits. Graduation requirements vary according to state (and school). The most basic requirement in graduating is earning sufficient high school credits. This simply means passing all the subjects that are required in a high school curriculum. Exit project. Some schools require a student to complete a culminating project. This is a project wherein a student presents a research paper in leadership, commu ...

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  • Getting Real: Weighing Your Prospects after Hanging Up That Graduation Gown

    As the holidays draw near, so does the winter graduation season. Yet again, our successful candidates will undergo the rites of passage before venturing into the real world. Parents and students alike eagerly prepare for this special event. The question is: are our graduates ready for what lies ahead? More Graduates, Lesser (Well-Paying) Jobs: Will college be a good investment?Source:Far beyond graduation gowns and all other superficiality, the preparedness of our graduates is paramount. This is a very big question that requires much thought and consideration in a country that produces a big workforce (with said quality education), however, there are not enough jobs to go around. In total, there will be about 3,314,600 high school graduates and around 1,836,000 college graduates for the academic term 2013-2014, and these figures are projected to rise continuously in the future. Considering the figures, there are many factors why some high school graduates don’t proceed to get a c ...

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