• Stole and Cord Colors: Getting to Know What They Mean

    Colors may be used for beautification purposes, but for students celebrating their success on graduation day, colors are definitely more than that. From your caps and gowns to graduation stoles, hoods and cords, colors have been significant indications of identity and achievement among the graduates. It's more than just a simple accessory to enhance the overall appeal of their graduation regalia. Colors signify certain areas of study and academic excellence, and it's very important for students to be aware of what these colors mean even before they march up that stage and receive their diplomas. Bestbuttman has compiled some of the most popular  stole and cord colors including their meanings to guide students on what color suits them best. Unless your school requires you of a certain color for your stole or cord, you're free to scroll down and browse to pick your bet! 1. Blue2. Silver3. White4. Maroon5. Gold6. PurpleDifferent schools and universities have their own rules and ...

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  • 10 Fun and Outrageous Things Graduating Students Should Do this Valentine's Day

    Why do something fun and outrageous this Valentines? Simply because you're graduating! And that would mean this is your last Valentine's day as a high school or college student. You've all heard about making the best out of our last years in high school or college. You've heard about those silly pranks seniors pull off to make things more memorable for them on their last days in school. You've heard about how fun they can be and yet, you still haven't tried to make one yourself. Well, now is definitely the right time to try them out. This Valentine's, Bestbuttman has compiled 10 things you can do to celebrate heart's day in a unique and fun way! Why don't we start with... 1. Give Free Hugs. Friends, acquaintances or total strangers, give free hugs and greet everyone a happy Valentine's with a smile. You can bring placards with a 'Free Hug' note and roam around the campus. Who knows, your special someone might just be one among the crowd. 2. Serenade A Stranger at School (and Sing Like ...

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  • Mapping Your Graduation: Things You Need to Prepare Prior to the Big Day

    If you ask about what makes graduation so special, the obvious answer would be something that borders from an event to celebrate your student success to a symbolic moment of venturing a new life. For some it's an end to the horrid, brain-whacking projects and deadlines at school while for others, it's simply a rite of passage to becoming someone better - a proof of personal progress. Whether you see it as a festive celebration or a sacred event (or both), an end or a beginning, a long-lasting symbol or a fleeting moment, graduation has been a part of our student lives' tradition. Sixteen weeks or less from now, another batch of graduates will march up the stage and claim their hard-earned diplomas and finally shout to the whole world that they've made it. Yes they did. And they deserve our congratulations and applause. But to say that graduation is all about jollity and fun would be an understatement. For one it needs enormous preparation from parents and students. Two, these preparati ...

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  • 7 Money-saving Tips for a Cool, Fun and Memorable High School Junior-Senior Prom

    Before Graduation, one event that any student looks forward to is PROM. It is a night of gala wherein we should look our best and make the most memories out of it. Although Hollywood may suggest a very lavish-looking Prom night, there's really no need to go broke for just a one-night event. A lot of pocket-friendly options are available, if you know where to look. Fact: In a 2013 study, the average spending for Prom amounts to $1,139 which is a significant 5% increase from $1,078 on 2012. Wow! That's a lot of money for just a one-night event, are you willing to shell out that much on yours? Prom is special and there's always a way to make it fun and memorable while keeping your expenses at a minimum. Be wise, have fun and do the following: 1. Make that LIST. It goes without saying that special things require special attention. And for a special event as Prom, missing out something would be a terrible mistake, or a total disaster, that can ruin what could be the most memorable night of ...

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  • 3 Big Time Skills to Academic Success We Learn From Famous Superheroes

    Even at your best, achieving success may not be as easy as A-B-C. Thomas Edison did his best, yet it still took him a thousand failed light bulbs to finally see one that works. Steven Spielberg was rejected in his dream school, University of Southern California before pursuing a career as a director. It’s always been a roller-coaster ride. One time you’ll find yourself on top of your game and some time after, you’re treading a very steep downfall from your glorious pedestal. It actually doesn’t matter whether you’ve been to a lot of successes in the past or just about to jump-start a good one. At the end of the day, it will all boil down to one question – one very important question everyone should start asking by now. ‘Did I give my best (effort)?’ For students, determinants of success have already taken a sharp turn. The 21st century no longer focuses and demands you more of those high GPAs. Experience and interpersonal skills now matters a lot, if not more. Such is e ...

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