• Colors of Honor: A Complete Guide for Honor Societies

    Being part of an honor society is a prestige and pride you carry for the rest of your life. Membership does not only connote the privilege of belonging to an exclusive circle of like-minded peers, it also connotes excellence and conformity to the high ideals of a particular honor society. The perks of being an honor society member include access to exclusive resources, lessons and other secrets to success. Not to mention the knowledge of the society’s rich history, the bond formed through social activities and the huge network of connections you’ll acquire afterwards. The prestige you bring with  should nonetheless be shown on graduation day. To express it, certain colors to be used in graduation accessories like stoles and cords are set for each society. This is a color guide provided by the Association of College Honor Society (ACHS):Advice on Becoming a Member of an Honor Society: Generally, you do not apply for membership; you get invited. To be considered, you must at least ...

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  • How to Look Good On Your Yearbook Photo

    Taking your yearbook photo is a bit exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. Who wouldn't want to look  good on the yearbook, right? You don't want to be remembered as that awkward kid who equally looked goofy on it too. To prepare you for the perfectly captured moment, Bestbuttman shares these tips on how to project yourself in front of the camera and look dashingly good on your yearbook. Some stuff are just optional. Continue reading → ...

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  • Graduation Checklist: 15 Things You Need to Remember on Your Graduation Day

    Hooray! It's your graduation and you're finally taking a step toward your plans for the future. Whether it's post graduate studies, a job at the company you love, or trips to places you've long been dreaming to visit, graduation marks the beginning of that new journey for you. Of course you're excited! But... Too much excitement also makes you forget things. And forgetting things on your graduation day can be a total disaster if you don't have a backup plan up your sleeve. You can't allow that to happen, can you? Today, Bestbuttman provides you a checklist of the things you need to remember on your graduation day. Check them out  and see if you've got them all covered. Continue reading → ...

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  • 7 Commencement Speeches that Can Help You Get On Top

    It's never too late to think about what you really want. While its difficult to realize that you don't know what you want to do next until graduation is coming up, it's not so much to worry about. Sometimes, all it takes is some words of inspiration that can bring back that spark you once had when you first decided to take up the discipline of your choice. Your thoughts and plans may have changed along those years of staying in high school or college, but if you focus on something that you really want to do, then the answer should be there. Below are 7 of the greatest commencement speeches of all time which can help you get on top of what you want to do. Watch them and enjoy! Continue reading → ...

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  • 10 Quotes From Graduation Speeches That Will Help You Get On With Life

    We all need something to pull us up when we're stuck in a rut. And now that graduation is just a few weeks away, we need them more than ever to help us get on with life and carve out our career plans. Below are 10 quotes from famous graduation speeches you'll need and want to remember every time you're in doubt on what to do next. Browse over the list and enjoy! 1. Steve Jobs (Stanford University, 2005) Watch the full speech here.   2. Jerry Zucker (University of Wisconsin, 2003)    Click here for the full transcript.   3. John Walsh (Wheaton College, 2000)    Read full transcript here.   4. Michael Uslan (Indiana University, 2006)    Read full transcript here.   5. Bradley Whitford (University of Wisconsin, 2004)    Read full transcript here.   6. Lewis Black (University of California, San Diego, 2013)    Watch the full speech here.   7.Sheryl Sandberg (Harvard Business School , 2012)   ...

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