Wear the Color of your Graduation Masters Hood to Prove your Excellence


To know that you are going to graduate in college with your master's degree, you must be very proud of yourself. That achievement is extraordinary. Going to college entails lots of money to spend even taking the associates degree, how much more when you accomplish the master's degree? This is a feat that you should be proud of. At last you are going to wear your graduation masters hood in the upcoming days.

To graduate holding the degree of master's is a day to be prepared in addition to valuing great honor as well. Most graduate school graduation masters hood may differ in colors from different fields of disciplines. The colors have, in point of fact, has been largely consistent by the Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costume in the U.S. with the Academic Costume Code. This code actually suggested that the specific colors will be used in the master's graduation hoods.

These are the colors of the graduation masters hood according to its degree:

White represents for those who hold liberal arts
Green for those who hold medicine
Purple for those who hold law
Golden yellow for those who hold Science
Dark blue for those who hold philosophy
Orange for those who hold Engineering
Maize for those who hold Agriculture (meaning plentiful of harvest)
Sage for those who hold Physical Education
Lemon for those who hold Library Science
Crimson for those who hold Journalism
Drab for those who hold Accountancy, Business, and Commerce
Copper for those who hold Economics
Kelly green for those who hold medication
Apricot for those who hold Nursing
Live for those who hold Pharmacy
Gold for those who hold Science (points out wealth of research)
Citron for those who hold Social Work
Peacock blue for those who hold Public Administration

These colors connote your excellence as a graduate. This color code can distinct the wearer to those who completed in degrees under them. The graduation hoods can be purchased in Grad shop. You can request for your designated color for masters that corresponds to your excellence.

The hoods need to be used efficiently all the way through the ending stage of the ceremony. It needs to be suitably curtained. These graduation hoods are consisting of five elements if you think to understand the essence of this piece of garment. The shell is the first element which is the outer piece of the hood that holds the hood as one and provides its form. Black is the main color to complement with the gown color. The trim is another element, followed by the velvet to put on the border of the shell; hen the lining that proposes the institution required color.

The colors are essential because they represent your pride, whatever field of discipline you just completed. For this motive, the graduation hoods are the one to finish the meaning to complete the master's academic regalia which are to be worn on the biggest event of your life being a student. It is kind of saying, "Farewell academic struggle!"

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