Educational Attainment in the USA

Students usually rant on how tiring it is to be at school, how teachers give assignments and projects to work on and a day to day test to study too. There is always an unending complain on the number of things to be done every night just to pass the subject.  Another factor that adds up the complains is the status quo you have to live by to fit at school and refrain from being bullied. With these dilemmas, was it able to affect the population around different schools?

Over time, the educational process has changed and different prepositions and programs are being offered to students. The population of students who are able to get their diplomas in high school contains a higher percentage than degree holders even during the 1900s.  Only a few of those continue to study further and get a bachelor’s degree and or a master’s degree from a university. Do you know that the number of female students who is able to finish a bachelor’s degree contains a higher percentage than male students? I bet you do not! It’s not sexist or something, but it is true (that is according to a statistical survey though)!

U.S. is also widely known for producing top quality graduates ever since. They have been known for students having high grades in math and science, but with the changes now, has it been affected?  Do the progress in technology and the inventions from the past year affect the number of students graduating in high school? Do the changes also affect those individuals who go for further studies? Is the result in favor of a positive effect or the other way around? Do you want to find it out? We present you the educational attainment in the United States.

The statistics presented below is based on the .


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