Scholastic Style: School Uniforms Around the World

Nepalese school uniforms Shades of blue define the school uniforms of these Nepalese students. // Photo source for all images:

With the United States about to start school in September, we figured it might be fun and interesting to feature something beyond the purview of most American students: school uniforms all over the world. While most academic institutions around the world follow a common conservative template on how their students should dress, each country infuses their distinct cultural point of view through the uniforms that students wear on a regular basis. Featured below are some of the various examples of students wearing school uniforms from Europe to Africa to Asia and Oceania.



Colorful red plaid uniforms with coordinated maroon ties look great on these Kenyan pupils.




Check out the eye-catching school garb—blue coats and orange ascots—from these adorable Syrian students!




These Chinese kids are all smiles while wearing their school gym uniforms done in muted shades of red and violet.




Your typical Japanese school uniforms evoke the feel of costumes worn by popular anime characters.




The combination of white shirts and purple skirts with grey hats from these Australian schoolgirls look quite amazing.




Expect English school kids to bring some cool subversive attitude to their uniforms with loosened neckties and untucked shirts.

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