The Difference Between Graduation Hoods and Stoles

In every graduation ceremony, graduates and school professors get to wear the academic regalia. These are garments which are traditionally worn for every commencement that is being exercised in the university. The tradition has long been started which can be traced back even during the middle centuries. The garments has been worn by scholars who got to study in exclusive universities back then. Over the course of time, the tradition of wearing the garments has been carried over even until the modern day.

The academic regalia generally consist of graduation gowns, academic caps, graduation hoods and stoles. Every garment has its own symbolic mark and purpose that is significantly used during the graduation ceremony. For example, academic caps have tassels attached on them which are then flipped to the other side to symbolically initiate the transition from being a student to finally becoming a graduate.

There are instances, however, that the graduates confuse themselves of how a garment is actually used. Graduates often confuse graduation hoods and graduation stoles; both garments have many similarities both in how they look and purpose which is why a lot of people confuse themselves on which is which. Other would think that either of the two garments should be worn during graduation while some think that they should be worn together. In this article, we will try to compare and contrast the two graduation garments in order for us to get some clarifications.

Like what was mentioned earlier, stoles and hoods basically look like the same. They are made out of shiny fabrics, commonly silk and they both come in different design and patterns and both are used to hang just by the shoulders. The difference can actually be more differentiated with its purpose. While both garments are used for identity and distinction, graduation hoods are more intended to represent a particular degree while stoles, on the other hand, are used as awards similar to ribbons and medals.

Having known that they serve similar but different purposes, it is just then acceptable that both the two graduation garments be worn at the same time during graduation. When wearing both, the hood should be worn first while the stole should be placed over it. Wearing the two garments, one will be able to tell that a graduate has finished a particular degree and also received recognition through the hood and stole worn respectively.

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