All about Hoods for Graduation College Colors

The graduation ceremony is a very important event for the college graduates since it is the time when all their hardships will finally be paid off. After the graduation ceremony, the graduates will now be able to apply for jobs. Since the graduation ceremony is a very important big event, its preparation must be planned properly and carefully.

Some event organizers are hired during the preparation of the graduation ceremony. Their task is to help the school in conducting the ceremony. Those organizers help make the programs that will be present during the ceremony. They must make sure that their programs are not prone to interruptions and are appropriate to the ceremony.

Event organizers could also help in decorating the place where the graduation ceremony will be held. While the event organizers are busy with their jobs, the school staffs are also busy preparing themselves for the graduation ceremony. Some of them are tasked to accommodate the people who will be participating in the ceremony to avoid the place to get very crowded. Some of the school staffs are also tasked to look upon the graduates during their practices for graduation.

The school staff may have different tasks during the preparation for graduation, but they have one common task which is to look for what they are going to wear during the ceremony. Their attire during the ceremony must be elegant or at least formal looking. If they would not look formal, the people would look at them in a low manner and not in a respected manner that a school staff should receive.

Just like the school staff, the college students are also required to wear specific clothing during the graduation ceremony. Usually, the graduates are required to wear a graduation gown, a graduation cap and hoods for graduation college colors.

The graduation cap is the garment that is worn on top of the head. The graduation cap is made up of three parts: the square board, the skull cap and the tassel. The square board is what makes the remarkable shape of the graduation caps. It is placed on top of the skull cap which makes the cap wearable. The skull caps of graduation caps are usually adjustable to fit different sizes of heads. The tassel is the rope like material that can be found on the center of every graduation cap.

The only garment that makes the graduate different from the others is the hood. Hoods come in different colors. Hoods for graduation college colors consist of four parts: the velvet edge, satin field, satin chevron and the shell fabric. The velvet edge signify the degree that the graduate has finished, the satin chevron and field signify the color of the school and the shell fabric matches does not signify anything but it should match the color of the gown of the graduate.
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