Wearing Your Graduation Apparel

The graduation apparel which includes the gown, cap and tassel can be dated back from a history in the Middle Ages. Each apparel has its own significance relating to the ceremony. They distinguish the graduates based on the degree or level of education that they have earned. Graduates of master's and PhD degrees have more elaborate designs when compared to pre-school or high school graduates.

Through the years the apparel has remained but some have changed with time like the color, design, and some etiquette in how these things are worn. The color or design of the gown, tassel or cap may vary nowadays. In some universities you will observe that the graduates do away from the traditional black. Some prefer to use the color of the academe to embody the educational values and tradition of the school. The reason for this is to impart to each and every graduate the significance of education which is signified by the graduation apparel that is used. This is why it is important that you use your apparel with much pride and respect. This article will help you with the proper ways to use your graduation apparel and your graduation tassel properly.

First, for you to use your tassel properly, you have to make sure that your cap is properly worn. The best way to wear you cap is to wear it straight and not tilt it to any side of your head. It has to be flat and straight. Secure the cap on your head and the crown has to be an inch above your eyebrows. Make sure also that the cap is the right fir for your head before you purchase them. Ask from your supplier the exact fit which is neither too tight nor too loose.  In this way, your tassel remains in proper position hanging from one side of the cap. Your supplier may have different sizes available in their stock so check this out with them.

Second, the cap is normally removed by men during the national anthem and in some school requirements when the alma mate hymn is played. Nonetheless, make sure that your tassel doesn’t get tangled in any way. For women, they normally do not remove their caps. So it is important that a hairstyle that will match with the cap is best. Do away with too much hairstyling as this may make it difficult for you to secure your cap on your head. Ask your hairstylist which will look best for you without cramping your cap on your head. You may choose to just let you hair down if you have a nice and beautiful long hair. This also works for your locks as well. You can treat your hair months before your graduation so you can achieve the look you want in time for your graduation.

Lastly, secure your graduation tassel properly on your cap. The tassel string is actually looped around a fabric-covered button. It is attached in the middle of the cap. You can find tassels made of silk, rayon, or cotton. The proper use of the tassel is to hang it over the right or left side of the cap. The position may also depend on the requirement of the school. It is a common practice for graduates of bachelor’s degrees to place the tassel on the right side. But whether it is required to be positioned on the right or left, the rule of thumb is for all graduates to wear them uniformly.

Wear your graduation tassel properly on your special day. This is a symbol of your determination and hard work to excel with your education and deserve to be a graduate. Be proud and wear your graduation apparel with much pride in your heart.

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