The Significance of Diploma and Graduation Hat

Graduation is a very happy moment for the graduates, parents and for the teachers. For the parents, graduation is a special event in their lives since it is the time that they can see the transformation of their child. For teachers, graduation is important since it is the only time that they could see their students grow slowly as mature individuals. Graduation is important for the graduates, too since it is the only time they could get and use their diploma and graduation hat respectively.

The diploma and graduation hat are often used as symbols that symbolize graduation. A diploma is a certificate issued by a school to a student. It testifies that its owner has finished a certain course of study. A graduation hat is an item that consists of a square board with a tassel placed at its center. The square board will then be placed on top of a skull-cap. There aren’t too much graduation hat designs out there since almost all graduation hats look the same, they only vary in color and in material. Usually, graduation hats are made of leatherette. Before the graduation, the tassel must be placed at the left side of the graduation hat. The tassel will only be placed at the right side of the graduation hat once the candidates for graduation are already considered as graduates.

The best way for a graduate to look good during his graduation is to find a tie that would match the color of his graduation cap and toga. One does not need to buy a new set of clothes to match it with his graduation cap and toga. One could just borrow some presentable clothes from his relatives or friends to avoid spending too much.

There are some special cases that graduation hats should be customized for it to fit to the size of the head of the wearer, just like during graduation of preschool students. Graduation hats for kids have a small skull cap that can be adjusted to fit the size of the head of the wearer. They also have smaller square boards compared to the graduation hats for adults. They are smaller than usual so that they will look proportional to the skull cap. It would be funny to look at a child wearing a graduation hat with a small skull cap but a big square board.

It would be a wise decision if the parents of the children that would wear graduation hats would help their child in wearing the graduation hat. Children have the tendency to move a lot and chances that their graduation hat would be ruined are great. It would be great if the parents would put some supports for the graduation hat on their children like hair clips. Hair clips make good supports in making graduation hats steady on the head of the wearer.

What makes a graduation ceremony nice and remarkable for a person would not be the diploma and graduation hat that he received and wore, but the moments and memories that he got from the people who were with him in his studies.

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