The Associations of Wearing Academic Hoods

The graduation ceremony in itself is one formal affair but it is made even primmer in the wearing of the academic regalia by the candidates and the faculty. Academic gowns, academic hoods and the academic caps are the basic elements that comprise the academic regalia. In almost all graduation ceremonies worldwide, the wearing of the academic regalia is considered as a long-established practice worn by those who take part in the ceremony. It does not only imply formality in the commencement, but it also symbolizes academic accomplishment.

The academic hoods are those seen worn by the candidates that drapes elegantly on their backs. It is a usually a black fabric with velvet linings with different color where each color implies something. The velvet color seen on academic hoods indicate the field of academic discipline of the person wearing it. The other color seen on the hood denotes the university color. These two areas of the academic hood are basically the areas where colors are perceived. Considering that the standard color of academic hoods is black, the velvet lining and the university color are mainly the parts of the hood that exhibit colors.

The wearing of the academic hoods indicates the wearing of academic achievement. By wearing the academic hood in academic ceremony, one is revealing to others the academic accomplishment he or she has in that particular academic field. In any academic ceremonies, the faculty and the students are generally seen fashioning these. Although both wear these hoods, their cowls are slightly different to each other. In terms of colors and shapes, the faculty’s academic hoods are different to that of the students’. The hoods differ to each other in regards to the academic degrees that they stand for. A doctorate’s hood is different to that of the hood with a master’s degree.

Indeed, Academic hoods vary from each other. Although this is so, they embrace the same significance regardless of the color, the size and the materials used in making it. Students and faculty wear the not just for ordinary wardrobe purposes.

The wearing of these hoods implies the wearing of the academic achievement one has gone through. This does not only reveal a successful educational attainment in the course of time, but a successful educational accomplishment in a certain field of discipline. Thus, considering the importance of these hoods, one should take into account the proper way of using these items and to acquire them in good quality. Taking into account the significance and importance of the wearing of this hood, one should wear it in the proper manner; placing them rightly on the designated part of the academic robe and securing them accurately so that one can walk with them with assurance throughout the ceremony.

Graduation ceremony is one occasion that one yearns to experience. That is why looking for good quality graduation regalia is very essential. One should acquaint his self in the different graduation gowns, graduation hoods and cap that are suited for his degree and his university. It is also important to acquaint one’s self of the appropriate methods in wearing these items.

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