Putting on Graduation Hoods: An Easy To Follow Guide

Everyone is excited for their graduation day to come. Who wouldn't be, right? In fact, in their excitement, they would often become restless and tend to be neurotic at the simple things and problems. Most often than not, one of the problems they would often encounter before the big day is with regards to their graduation hoods. Have you ever experienced seeing an adorner taking up too much time when putting on the hood on the graduate’s head just because he/she has no idea on how to do it? Frankly, that exact situation happened to several graduates already. As a graduating student, you should take time to learn how to put on the graduation hood so that everything goes on smoothly when it’s time for you to go up on stage. Here are some tips and advices on :

First, be sure that you have received the correct graduation hood. Have it delivered to your house two days prior to your graduation day to avoid any unnecessary delays. Check the size, color and internal color and make sure they are the right ones you ordered.

Second, as the graduation hoods are to be awarded to you by a designated adorner to show that you earned the achievements you have received, make sure to bring your hoods with you to the graduation ceremony.

Third is that graduation hoods should be carried to the stage draped over the left arm. When your name is called, walk to the center stage and hand your hood to your professor/adorner so that he or she can place it on you.

This is the tricky part, so if you are the one to put on the hood, make sure to pay attention.

  • Graduation hoods should be placed properly on your head, making sure that it drapes down the shoulder and back.
  • Make sure that the velvet border is on the outside so that the colors identifying the university where you are graduating from are displayed. You can do this by  turning the velvet trim to the outside
  • Be mindful to keep the hood in place using the cord at the back. The cord at the front is used to keep the hood away from your neck. So make sure to fasten the cord to a shirt button or the dress zipper. Adjust your hoods and cord length so that when placed at the front, it would not look awkward.


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Graduation should be a happy occasion so make sure that everything will be in place. In addition to that, when you receive your orders, make sure to check if it has two cords: one at the back and another in front. As mentioned above, these cords or hooks are important to place your hood properly. You do not want you graduation hood falling off when you are walking down the stage. Your graduation day should be a happy occasion so make sure to check everything to avoid any future mishaps.

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