How To Shop For Academic Regalia Such As Graduation Hoods

The school staff, including the school administrators, the teachers and the students, becomes very busy during graduation seasons. Aside from the fact that they have to prepare and practice for what is going to happen on the graduation ceremony, they also have to look for what they are going to wear for the event. It has already been a tradition that the graduating students, the teachers and the school administrators would wear some academic regalia during the event.

For the students, the academic regalia that they would be wearing would consist of the graduation robe, the hood, and the graduation cap. The robes are the garments worn by the graduates that cover the most parts of their bodies. The graduation hoods will then be worn next to the robes. They have different styles and designs. The hoods are made up different colors that mean different things. The “shell” of the hood must match or must have the same color with the robe of its wearer. Its interior lining must have a color that would represent the institution or the school where the wearer will be receiving recognition during the graduation ceremony. Some other colors that would be present on the hood would have some color that would represent the academic field that the wearer has finished. The most common garment that is worn by graduates is the graduation cap. It has a remarkable square shape that has a tassel attached on it middle.

For the school staff, they may also wear the same kind of garments that the graduates wear, except the graduation cap. The school staff may wear some head dress on the graduation ceremony, but not the graduation cap. For the school staff that has a doctorate degree, they may wear some robes, graduation hood for masters and some beefeater as head dress.  Beefeaters, unlike the graduation caps, are circular in shape. They also have tassels but they are not attached to the center of the cap, instead, they are attached to a cord that can be found around the cap. Beefeaters are made up of velvet or cloth.

Shopping for graduation hoods, robes, caps and other academic regalia, looking for them on local stores would not be advisable since academic regalia are rarely sold locally. Having academic regalia specially made at the tailors is also not advisable to do since making academic regalia requires great skills because it is quite complicated to make. Having academic regalia made may not make one satisfied with the product and may only cost one too much.

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