How Do Academic Doctoral Hoods and Apparel Differ From the Undergraduates?

A graduation ceremony may not be new to someone who is finishing with a doctorate degree since one has encountered such momentous event while he or she was still an undergraduate. But like what they always say, every graduation is a unique and different experience. This might somewhat hold true because there is a huge difference as to how doctorate graduates are being treated from the undergraduates during such ceremony.

Probably the most obvious difference would be the graduation regalia worn by doctorate graduates. They may consist of similar items with the undergraduates such as them having graduation gowns, caps with tassels and hoods. However, the difference would then be visible with their designs since doctorate graduates tend to have more unique and majestic graduation regalia.

While the bachelor graduates commonly wear mortar board caps, doctorate graduates get to wear velvet tams which could come in 4 – 8 sided designs. However, both caps still have multicolored tassels attached to them.

For the graduation gowns, one may often see bachelor degree graduates with plain and simple gown. This would not be the case for doctorate gowns. Their gowns have velvet panels which flow around the neck and drape down in front of the gown. They also have piping which highlight panels and chevrons and they also have bell-like sleeves which are rounder compared to the usual gowns. Academic doctoral hoods, on the other hand are worn the same way as the others wear them, however they are bigger and made out of shiny and special fabrics unlike the others.

Academic doctoral hoods are also worn in a special manner. Graduates of doctorate degrees often have special ceremonies wherein they get to be recognized and hooded on stage by a relative or a school official. This hooding ceremony makes doctorate graduates stand out among the rest of the graduates which already have their hoods on upon entering the graduation venue.

Having known the differences of how academic doctoral hoods and other doctoral graduation garments are worn from the usual bachelor degree regalia, it could be summed up that these garments are very important to achieve a memorable graduation ceremony. Even though this might be the countless time that one will be attending a graduation ceremony, still this experience is worth to be treasured.

One can purchase these different graduation garments in university book centers or through local graduation shops. One must remember to be mindful of any announcements regarding the design and colors of the garments one has to purchase for one’s particular degree.

Having to search for academic garments to be worn in a graduation ceremony could be quite stressful and challenging. Luckily, with the aid of technology one can just browse through different online stores which sell same products and offer the same services. Websites like Grad shop has a wide selection of graduation items for anyone’s needs. They ensure that all their products are made out of quality materials and are of reasonable prices. Click here to check out how they can help you and what they can offer.

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