Graduation Hoods For Every Degree

Oftentimes, some people thought that Graduation hoods are all the same. It was only recently when it was found out that these tradition academic regalia accessories are actually different and are given according to your degree. For those who have no prior knowledge of this, these are some information on how to distinguish graduation hoods. You can differentiate your academic hoods by its size, color of the velvet material, and color of the lining.

The size and width of the velvet actually represent the type of degree the wearer is graduating from. The next time you go in a graduation ceremony, try to check the following:

•    the smallest sized hoods are for Bachelor Degree graduates
•    the medium size hoods are for students graduating in their Master's Degree
•    the largest size hoods are for Doctoral or PhD graduates

The velvet on the hood stands for the degree of the graduate. For example, Doctoral hoods are given the velvet color to correspond to their degree. So a Doctor of Nursing would have apricot velvet in his or her academic hood; a Doctor of Arts would have white velvet and so on.

If you have multiple degrees, what is usually done is that you choose only one hood degree or discipline color to wear. That is why it is advisable that in these situations, you choose the highest ranking degree. If a student has a Masters in Science and then gets a Doctorate degree, the person would wear a Doctor of Science hood that is golden yellow velvet.

The hoods are then lined with the official color of the school, college or university the student is graduating from. Shops are usually not updated on the university color that is why it is important that before ordering your academic regalia, you have to consult with your school on what colors to wear and order.

It is suggested that you ask your school months ahead to avoid any mishaps and problems in the future. In addition, do not forget to ask you university if they are affiliated with a company that makes graduation doctoral hoods or graduation bachelor’s hood. There are times when the universities offer their graduates a much lesser price when they order their academic regalia in a shop or company they have made a contract with. However, you also have the right to purchase your graduation regalia from any manufacturer.

If you may ask where to find shops or manufacturers that produce quality graduation hoods, it is recommended that you research for the ones nearest your area. You can look for well-known stores in your city or even in the internet. As they say, the internet holds all the answer so this may be the best choice for you. Besides, ordering online does have its advantages. For instance, they offer a wide variety of graduation gowns, hoods and caps. What's more is that they offer discounts and sales in their products so that would be much cheaper.

Take these words of advice to heart and remember to enjoy your most anticipated day.

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