About Academic Hoods for Graduation

Every part of a graduation ceremony has its own distinct meaning. In fact the graduation ceremony can be dated back as far as the Middle Ages. The ceremony in itself has been passed from one generation to another including the use of academic hoods. As you see the commencement ceremonies have been around for so many years now & it is best that we treat this ceremony with high regard and respect.

A masters degree hood is very unique in its own. It symbolizes a higher degree of education which is why it is also a symbol academic achievement. It actually has two colors which is manifested in the lining and the trim of the hood. The color of the lining reflects the college colors. On the other hand the trim color reflects the particular field of study. Every field of study has its own color to represent. They stand for certain meanings and symbols in the academe. These are used during graduation to identify the degree that the graduates have earned.

Some people could find the academic hoods less simple to use. Understanding some relevant factors about your academic hoods can help you use them properly. One important factor is to ensure that the hood lining is properly in place. The color of the hood lining has to be exposed since this carries the color of your college. Use the cord as well to secure it in place to the clothes that you will be wearing. It is important that your hood doesn’t fall off. It can make you look sloppy. So always make sure that your hood is in place and it lies flat over the shoulders.
Another important factor is to keep your academic hoods clean and tidy. A lot of people will be at the graduation and most of them are people you may not know. However you do not have to neglect this. Your appearance and the clothes you wear tell a lot about your personality. People will have their eyes on the graduates since you are the main people in the event. Besides, this is your special day and you have to be at your best on this day and one way of doing this is to have clean clothing.

Lastly, together with keeping your clothes clean, maintain a good grooming and posture. Good grooming will have to include a clean haircut or hairdo, trimmed or polished fingernails, a fresh bath and a good smell all day and other good grooming practices. Your posture is another essential factor. You have to carry your self well. You may have the right clothes and the best graduation apparel. However, if you do not know how to carry yourself well then you may not be able to justify the essence of your graduation apparel and academic hood. Stand tall and walk with pride as you march to the stage to receive your diploma.

Your graduation marks a new beginning in your life. It is a very significant event that will open doors to new opportunities. The graduation ceremony formalizes this and your graduation apparel and academic hoods are the very symbol of your achievements.

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