The graduation robe and the graduation cap or mortarboard may be the most important parts of academic regalia. But there is nothing quite like topping the ensemble off with a hood to achieve perfection. Graduation hoods are worn in universities and schools all around the world, and in this article we will discuss just what these special garments are for and how you can get the best deal from them.

What are graduation hoods?

In pictures and movies showing graduation days, more often than not, you see the students wearing this silky-looking garment over their shoulders. Those garments are known as graduation hoods. These are similar to regular hoods used for protection against rain and snow, although hoods in academic regalia serve a more decorative and less practical function.

What are these hoods made of?

Since hoods were first used in graduation dress, there have been several different fabrics used to make them, including wool, sheepskin, animal fur, silk, and satin. Nowadays, silk is the most commonly used material, especially since animal rights activists have raised concern for using real fur. Most universities have switched to using artificial fur instead for graduating students and staff of higher learning.

What color hood should you wear?

In most cases, this choice isn’t really up to you. The school or university you go to will hold the final say on what color and style your academic hood will be or even if you get to wear one at all. There are plenty of graduation hood colors by discipline. Countries also differ on which colors are suitable for the different degrees and studies there are.
However, it is worth checking out if your suggestions will be received. Some universities accept feedback from their staff and students regarding the colors and designs of hoods they want to wear, especially since all learning institutions naturally want to seem as original and unique as possible.

Should you buy or rent your academic hood?

The addition of a hood can really make a huge difference. For example, if you take a graduating student wearing a hood and another student without a hood, you can be sure that the one with the hood will feel more confident and enthusiastic about his or her graduation day. For this reason, a lot of students decide to buy their graduation hoods simply because keeping it will help the memories of those special days stay vivid in their minds. Shops and websites like offer a wide selection of hoods and sell their items at very reasonable prices because they understand the need of the customers to purchaseaffordably. And what’s more, GradShop and other websites also offer bulk orders and purchases, helping universities get good deals for their students.And for those who want to buy their hoods at very reasonable and affordable prices, GradShophas a lot in store for you.

The bottom line is to consider buying the hood if you know the price you pay for it is nothing compared to the memories it represents to you. Otherwise, you can just rent it and stay satisfied with your diploma and graduation pictures.

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