Knowing The Significance of Graduation Cords

Traditionally, candidates and member of the faculty wear the academic regalia during a graduation ceremony. It would usually consist of a graduation gown, a hood and a hat. Although academic regalia differ from colleges to colleges, these three items are the basic elements that are constantly present in graduation ceremonies. In most academic ceremony, the students who are taking part in the program and the members of the faculty are often seen wearing more than the basic academic regalia. These are additions to the traditional pieces like the or graduation cords.

Shown off in almost all graduation ceremony are the graduation cords. They are worn around the person’s neck where it eventually drapes down in front of them. It is one of the prominent graduation accessories seen in most academic ceremonies. They are long cords that are intertwined with each other and attached at the end of each cord, is a tassel. They would usually vary in colors. There are cords with only one primary color but there are also those that have mixture of two colors. It normally comes in pairs and when worn, they are looped together in the middle.

There are several implications of the graduation cords in terms of its usage, and the significance of its different colors. Basically, the most embraced implication of it is that it signifies one’s accomplishments. It serves as an accessory in identifying the person’s achievements in a particular field on interest. The wearing of it would primarily indicate particular academic attainment or distinctive honors of the student. Those used in implying distinctive honors, vary from each other in terms of the colors used.  For instance, those that are used in awarding the Summa Cum Laude would differ from the color of those that are used for magna cum laude.

Another interpretation of the color of it is that it also implies the degree of education; whether the student’s field of discipline is a major or minor. The usage of different colors does not only suggest academic attainment but it also signifies affiliations in different groups or organizations. In the ceremony, there are those excellent students awarded with distinct honors in regards of being part of a school’s organization. The wearing of it can be done more than the normal set. That student that takes part to more than one organization or had achieved more than one award wears more than one pairs of these.

Indeed, graduation cords colors gives out various interpretations. These meanings would differ from schools to schools. Such as that the using of them in a high school graduation would hold a different significance as to the usage of them in a college graduation ceremony. Most often than not, it is the school who is concern that would primarily interpret the usage of these. The institution would decide the significant meaning of a particular colored cord and what attainment it corresponds to. Although they vary in its meanings, one can nonetheless agree that the using of it in academic ceremonies has been a long-established activity done by numerous academic institutions around the world. And even though its significance modifies every now and then, it has been an accepted notion that its usage has been a meaningful account in almost all academic ceremonies for decades.

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