Understanding the Graduation Stoles And Cords Meaning

Graduation stoles and graduation cords are some of the garments used during graduation day. These garments have long been practiced as a tradition for every candidate for graduation to wear during every graduation day. The graduation stoles are the ones that are worn over the shoulders, with both its ends hanging vertically at the front. On the other hand, the graduation cords are the ones that are tied around the neck of the candidate. If one is quite interested about the significance of each garment during the whole graduation ceremony, here are all the things that one needs to know about graduation stoles and cords meaning.

The tradition of wearing a stole begun during medieval times wherein this was commonly worn by churchmen and as time went by, they soon become a staple in the whole academic regalia. They have come in different design, different embellishments, and in different colors as well. During graduation, a graduation stole is usually worn in order to identify which student has earned an attainment or not. whether he or she is a Valedictorian, a salutatorian, a cum laude, a summa cum laude, or magna cum laude. Each design and color pertains to each level of attainment.

Candidates for graduation who have attained a certain achievement certainly aren’t the only ones who are worthy enough to wear a graduation stole. Graduation stoles are also used in order to identify which college the candidate belongs to. There are a number of colleges in a university. In order to prevent disorganization, graduation stoles are utilized in order to identify which college the candidate belongs to with the help of various colors. Generally, there is a specific color assigned to each college. For example, the color gold pertains to the college of business administration, the color apricot for the college of nursing, the color pink for the college of music, the color purple for the college of law, the color green for the college of medicine, and so on so forth.

Graduation cords on the other hand also serves an important role in distinguishing one’s major or minor. If the graduation stoles have various colors that pertain to a certain college, graduation cords also have several colors available for each candidate for graduation to wear, and each color also pertains to what one is studying. For example, the color white is worn by candidates with a minor or a major in history, arts, sociology, and literature. The color drab for graduates with a major a minor in commerce, accounting, and business administration, the color gold for the ones who has a major or a minor in science, physics, and general science.

One must keep in mind the various graduation stoles and cord meanings in order to have a clear grasp and to be familiarized with the specific color one should wear during the graduation ceremony.

Graduation stoles and cords are one of the most important garments that one should wear, simply because they are the ones that identify each graduate’s achievement.  There are custom embroidered graduation stoles  gradshop available They come in various color,and each color pertains to the college that the graduate belongs to. Therefore one must never miss out in trying to be familiarized with each color in order to prevent certain mishaps that may occur during one’s very own graduation day.


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