The True Essence Of The Graduation Gown

Have you ever wondered what your graduation gown means to you? Tracing back to history, there could be a lot that history can tell you
about your graduation gown. However, in this present time it helps to know the real essence of this graduation apparel. It defines who you are, who you have become and who you will be. Marching down the aisle to get your diploma will definitely be worthwhile when you know your worth. This article will help define to you what your graduation gown may really mean to you.

Self Worth
All of us have self worth. Some people may see themselves less worthy than others while others see themselves more than others. While the former may not be as good to think of for yourself, the latter is not as much either. Knowing your self worth is how you give importance to your principles and values in life. It’s how you take a stand and tell others that you do not bend your principles and values for something that is not right, for something that is not worthy. Giving importance to your self worth is something that has to be valued by everyone. This is how people learn to respect you and learn how to value you as a person.

Standing tall doesn’t always mean you are dignified. Some pretend to stand tall but deep inside they are afraid. They are afraid of their
weaknesses, guilt, failures and they try to stand tall so other people won’t see. This is not the true meaning of dignity. Dignity is when you stand tall because you know that you have achieved everything because you have worked hard for it. When you graduate and you go up the stage to receive your diploma and honors, you will stand tall and show your dignity to everyone. It is the essence of your hard work and commitment to stay true to your endeavor to finish college. It is the strength in your spirit that you have stood the test of time. Dignity is what keeps your head up high.

This is a very strong value that not all people really learn to appreciate. When you started with school, your parents have given you their trust that you will carry on with your endeavor. The trust that your parents gave you is very valuable like a delicate flower, a priceless jewel, or a
valuable antique collection. When someone gives you her trust, take care of it because trust is only given once. Now that you are graduating and you have proven yourself worthy of the trust given to you by your parents, you can look them straight in the eyes and tell them you have valued that trust.

On your graduation day, you will be marching in your best graduation gown. You will be standing tall in front of your parents, schoolmates, mentors and other people who have helped shape you as a person. Knowing the real essence of your graduation gown can help you put your best
foot forward. Which among these is the real essence of your ?

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