The Different Graduation Regalia Accessories

In most graduation ceremonies, one does not only taken glimpse to the basic academic pieces but also to other graduation regalia accessories that adds up to the already elegant graduation ensemble. In general, there are three main items that comprise the graduation regalia, these are the academic robe, hood and hat, but during the ceremony, there are few things that add up to these basic pieces. These additional pieces are often times referred to as the graduation accessories for they are not completely taken as mandatory pieces to be worn, but because the graduation ceremony had evolved through the years, there are supplementary traditions that have been practiced and carried on through the years.

The graduation regalia accessories can range in several things, it differ from PhD graduation regalia The most common items that are considered as graduation accessories are the graduation cords, stoles, pride sash, honor stoles, honor cords. All of these academic accessories vary not only in the materials used but also what they signify. Besides the primary graduation regalia, these accessories also add up to the academic ensemble.

The graduation cords can vary with its colors and can signify a lot of things. These items are the academic pieces the students wore around their necks, and at the end of these cord are tassels attached to it. They are worn to distinguish the person’s particular field of study, for each field of study corresponds to a specific color. For instance, the white colored ones would refer to English, History or Literature. The gold colored cords would mean either Criminology or Industrial Arts. Aside from these given implications, the cords would also signify a person’s academic distinction; these types of cords are called the honor cords. Each cord would vary from each other in terms of its color depending on what level of academic attainment one had gained, whether summa cum laude, magna cum laude or cum laude, each of this academic distinction has a corresponding shade of colors.

Similar to that of the cords, the graduation stoles are at the same time at variance with each other especially on the colors. The academic stole is one of the prominent graduation accessories worn by graduates during the event. They are those garments that are worn around the person’s neck. They differ in the fabrics used depending on the design but mostly, they are made from glossy lightweight materials and at times, they are embellished with letterings and symbols. The academic stole can have variety of usage. There are graduations stoles that some universities required all their students to wear. Generally these are the kind of stoles which are embellished with the school year. There are also graduation stoles that indicate the person’s field of study and like that of the cords, each degree corresponds to a particular color. Also, graduation stoles are used to indicate a person’s affiliation to a particular group or organization.

Indeed graduation regalia accessories also play a significant part in the ceremony. They may not be completely part of the traditional academic regalia, but the using of it has been established and practiced for the longest times in numerous academic institutions.

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