The Best Senior Class Apparel To Wear

Senior students are candidates for graduation. After graduating, senior students might have to go on their own separate ways. Since they will now be separated with each other, it would be a good decision to dress properly during their graduation ceremony. Senior class apparel for men usually consists of a light colored, plain, long sleeved button down shirt with a tie, dark slacks, dark or black shoes and a toga. Under the toga would be the long sleeved shirt which is tucked in the dark slacks. Senior class apparel for women would usually depend on what the school requires from the women but it usually consists of formal or business attire for women and a toga.
The color of the year 2013 would be Emerald. If one wants their senior class apparel to be trendy and not old fashioned, then they should have the similar colors of Emerald as the color for the business attires of the ladies and long button down shirts for the gentlemen for senior class apparel 2013. They could also put a hint of emerald in their togas. The similar shades of emerald would be fine to be used in seniors’ class apparel since it is relaxing and it is pleasant to the eyes of the viewer.

If the seniors are not satisfied with their togas and dresses, they could have customized senior apparel. Custom senior apparel is not common or usual so if the senior students want to stand out during their graduation ceremony, it would be a good idea to have custom made togas and apparels. Customized togas and class apparel may be expensive so they should make sure that everyone in their class is willing and able to pay for the fees for a customized toga. When not all are willing and able to pay the fees for the customized apparel, then there are still a lot of alternatives left for their class apparel to be nice.

Senior students do not really have to spend too much for nice class apparel for master cap gown tassel & hood. For male senior students, all they have to do is to find a matching long sleeved button tee and a tie. Males do not have to buy new ties or shirts. If they have one in their closet which is still presentable, that would be fine to wear as an apparel of their class. They could also borrow some shirt and tie from their relatives or friends to avoid spending money. For female senior students, they could find good business attire that will look good on them. If they have one in their closet which fits them, that would be fine. They could also borrow from their relatives and friends.
A tip for having nice class apparel without spending too much is to keep the class apparel as simple as possible. Senior class apparel does not really need to be fancy. In fact, simple class apparels often turn out to be nice. But one should make sure not to make class apparel too simple since this will make the apparel dull and dry. Keep the class apparel simple but make sure to put a little fancy to it so that it is still good to look at.

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