The Academic Regalia Cap and Gown and Hood

The academic cap and gown and hood are prominent pieces seen during graduation celebrations. In the course of the event, graduates and the faculty members stride along the academic procession fashioning their respective academic regalia. Their graduation pieces would vary from each other, each indicating specific implications. The wearing of these three items is considered as a mandatory rule which is prescribed by academic institutions for its graduates and faculty during academic ceremonies. The wearing of it had been practiced for years not only in English speaking countries but in places all over the world. They may have different version to it in regards to its designs, but their significance remains the same.

The history of the cap and gown and hood can be traced back during the medieval Europe. Some eight hundred years ago, in most places in Europe, the using of the robes has been a common scene for both males and females which they wear in everyday basis. These robes would differ in several aspects, especially on its materials, fabrics and colors used. In one way or another, these robes also embody the individual’s wealth and position for this is shown in the quality and style of its robe. Slowly through the years, development of various gowns for different professions, trades and religious orders were made.

The students and the teachers then group themselves into guilds and through time, distinctive graduation costumes were created for each academic level. The bachelors, masters and doctors gave their own designs of their graduation ensemble. The hood was originally part of the whole dress, but gradually through time, the hood was evolved into a separate thing, which drapes on the back portion of the ensemble. The cap was later on added of which it was originally conferred to the masters’ degree. There are various types of caps used in graduation ceremonies but the mortarboards are usually the ones being used in most universities.

Nowadays, the cap and gown for high school graduation gradshop  had various designs and colors. The tradition had not only spread in places in Europe but also in places in the different parts of the world, of which they have their own designs and materials used for the items. As what was mentioned, these graduation items had their own distinctive characteristics to it and one of these items is the graduation gown. The bachelor’s graduation gown is traditionally black with pointed sleeves and worn closed on the front are. The master’s had more of an oblong sleeves which is arched on the wrist area and square cut at the bottom and is worn either open or closed. The master’s have velvet panels and sleeve chevrons. These are just few significant details on the academic items.

For the reason that there are several variations to these academic pieces, it is important to know the different implications and be acquainted with the right items specified to each academic level. It is essential for one to know which academic cap and gown and hood is to be worn in the particular graduation ceremony to avoid complications during the event.



Cap And Gown For High School Graduation


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