Implications of Graduation Gowns

For years, we had considered the graduation ceremony to be that one event that every student, parents and faculties look forward to.  It marks the accomplishments not only to every graduating student in the university but to the professors as well. But nonetheless, a graduation ceremony in general takes much bigger weight in highlighting the student’s achievements after years of tedious study. Graduation ceremony marks an important event in every student’s life where they can feel contentment and success. After years of sleepless nights, hard work, thesis writing, co-curricular activities, students looks forward to that day where they can march along the academic procession elegantly dressed in their gowns and all the other graduation regalia.

Primarily, graduation regalia consist of a graduation gown, a hat, a tassel, an academic hood and graduation stole. All these elements play their parts in completing the whole graduation ensemble. On the whole, a graduation gown or academic robe is a piece of clothing worn by a person in an academic formality which usually indicates a completion in a course of study. In most cases, underneath the graduation gowns, the graduates would either wear formal clothing or those that are prescribed by their respective universities or colleges.  Either in the secondary or college level education, the wearing of graduation gowns is an established practice wherein it indicates an accomplishment in one’s academic field.

The wearing of gowns in academic ceremonies, has been practiced for the longest time and in almost all parts of the world; each having their own version of this. From this, graduation gowns vary in terms of designs; the colors and the materials used. In some countries with tropical climates, their version of the gowns would focus primarily on lightweight materials. Contrary to this, in areas having cold climates, their version of the gowns would consist of thicker fabrics. When it comes to acquiring dresses for graduation, in most times, they are typically rented in designated bookstores and shops authorized in selling these rather than buying them or having them specifically made. Prices of graduation gowns range in value. There are gowns that can be rented and offer affordable prices for these, depending on their materials. Most often than not, they are made out of polyester, silk, cotton and other fine fabrics. There are also those that are custom made which would be a bit pricey than the usual depending on the materials used.

Without a doubt, gowns play a vital role in academic ceremonies. They do not only indicate a successful completion of one’s education but it also helps in polishing the look of a person.  Considering that a graduation ceremony is one event of a person’s life that is taken with great value, it is just proper to take into account the quality of these graduation regalia. One looks forward to that day where he can march along to the academic procession with full confidence and comfort. That is why candidates should pick the thoroughly tailored graduation gowns which fit them perfectly; where one can go along the ceremony without being uneasy.

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