How to Wear the Graduation Regalia

During special occasions people look their best by wearing appropriate dresses for the said ceremonies. They wear clothing to attend these events by choosing the right ones that is acceptable for the occasion. For special academic formalities, individuals wear the graduation regalia. This academic wardrobe is composed of a graduation gown, hood and cap. They may come in various colors and styles but they still hold the same implications as the standard graduation gown hood and hat. These three basic items may be taken as the standard academic items for graduation ceremonies, but there are also other academic pieces aside from these that are seen worn by individuals during the day. These items are usually the graduation stoles and the graduation regalia honor cords. They may not be officially part of the basic graduation items but the using of such academic pieces has been embraced as a tradition by many academic institutions for the thousands of years.

One of the many things that people should be aware of when attending graduation ceremonies is to get to know their correct or appropriate graduation regalia to be used and graduation regalia how to wear. The graduation regalia differ in every level of academic discipline and this can be shown in the gown, hood and cap. Thus, as an individual participating in such solemn event it is just right to know what is required for one’s level. Aside from knowing the appropriate kind of academic items to be worn, what is also taken in great weight is being able to know how to wear these pieces. Nothing is worse than having the right items but is being worn in an extremely incorrect way. 

For one to wear the graduation regalia correctly there are few things that he or she should take note of. In regards to the cap, to wear them correctly, one should:

1.) Acquire the correct size for the cap. Having a size too small or too large to the point of fixing it every now and then during the ceremony is very distracting and uncomfortable. One wants to gain memorable experience from the event and not awkward experiences.

2.) Before the ceremony, make sure that the tassels are placed on the right portion of the cap. After the professor or school administrator declares the candidates as students, one should place the tassels from the right to the left portion of the cap.
When wearing the gown, it is simple as wearing on a huge jacket. See to it that the fasteners or locks that are included are correctly secured so that the gown will stay in place throughout the program. On the other hand, to wear the graduation regalia hoods correctly, one should follow these easy steps:

1.) Place the hood over the head making sure that the velvet portion of the hood is facing upward.

2.) For those hoods that have cords or buttons attached to it, attach the hood neck cord on the shirt button to keep it in place throughout the program.

3.) To secure the back portion of the hood, ask help from someone to secure the cord across the back. This will keep the hood from moving during the occasion.

4.) The last step is to turning out the lining and this can be done by asking assistance from someone to perform the step correctly.

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