How to Stylize a Graduation Cap and Gown High School

High school is one of the best moments in any student’s life. It is when first-time parties happen, first love, first heartbreaks, and even first out of town trips (without parents) can also happen. When one enters high school, one also enters the stage of adolescence where one changes from a kid to a teenager. During this period, most teens discover their own identity, favorites and sense of taste. However, everything should come to an end, and high school also ends with a graduation cap and gown high school.

A graduation cap and gown high school is almost the same as a graduation cap and gown kindergarten since the required color may also be that of the school’s official color and the length may also be mid-calf or knee length.

However, customizing a graduation cap and gown high school is quite hard since the gown is usually left as it is but a high school student can also add a few graduation accessories like the graduation stole which can be customized according to one’s liking to show off an academic achievement during graduation or an affiliation while still in high school like being a science club president or being a member of a recognized dance crew in the school. Graduation stoles can also be added with dates indicating the day and year of graduation and the school’s official logo which will make it a good souvenir to be hanged wherever in the house.

The high school graduation cap is actually more fun when it comes to customizing. If the school allows it, high school graduation caps can be decorated and customized to suit the wearer’s expression, uniqueness and creativity. Most of the time, it screams “I did it!” or it could also show the year of graduation like “Batch 2013” and for the athletics, it can also show the school logo and team’s mascot with the team name underneath it.

Decorating a high school graduation cap is fun and easy. Just make sure to at least use a glue gun to put heavy pieces like shells, beads, sticks and others in place. Also, a glue gun stick is also effective in taking off a design since it is easier to clean up.

One can use colored papers, glitters, beads and other decorative stuff to a high school graduation cap. Make sure that the design is unique and easy to understand (no dirty messages as much as possible).

Decorating your high school graduation caps is also beneficial to your parents and other family members because they can easily distinguish you from afar among the other hundreds of candidates near you. And they will be proud of you once you walk right up to the stage and receive your hard earned high school diploma.

High school may be carefree and fun, and graduating from it calls for a celebration. However, remember that there is still college to think and worry about. Choosing a college course will determine your career path in the future so choose wisely and choose what is really wanted inside your heart.

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