Caps and Gown Doctoral Maintenance Guide

As one prepares for one’s special day, one must never overlook any details, especially when it concerns the graduation gown. The doctoral degree gown is far more different and very unique compared to the graduation gowns used by candidates for the bachelor’s and master’s degree. Therefore, it is only very proper to give full importance of taking care of such garment that one should use for one’s special day and get carry the best cap and gown poses. Here are a few suggestions on how one can take very good care of one’s own graduation caps and gown doctoral degree.

1. It is always very common to see a lot of ugly wrinkles on one’s doctoral gown upon receiving them from the package. The reason behind this is because the material of the gown itself is made of such soft fabric that can easily be wrinkles when the material is folded. The graduation gown is often delivered to one’s house inside a package, all the more makes the gown more wrinkled. The most important thing that one must do in order to resolve this dilemma is to iron the graduation gown.

2. When one decides to iron one’s very own doctoral gown, it is deemed important to set the iron to a low heat with steam. The temperature of the iron itself helps smoothen out the surface of the graduation gown. After one has already set up the iron at low heat, just wait for a few minutes in order to allow the iron to heat up

3. While waiting for the iron to arrive to a desired heat, one must prepare the graduation gown by placing the gown over the ironing board. Carefully place it on top of the flat surface of the iron board, and smoothen out the gown fabric on the board.

4. A very helpful tip before ironing one’s doctoral gown is to put a towel under the gown. Remember that the iron is set in a temperature that is very high. So high that it may distort the graduation gown. The only solution in order to prevent it from such destruction is to place a towel underneath it in order to prevent the cloth of the gown from too much heat.

5. After finishing a portion of the gown, readjust the graduation gown in order to reveal other creased or wrinkled areas that need full attention in ironing them, making sure that the towel is placed underneath the fabric of the gown wherever the iron is.

6. The next garment that one must emphasize in taking care of is the graduation caps. The graduation caps are the least of one’s concern if it isn’t removed from the package. Keep it protected inside the package in order to prevent dirt from coming into it. The graduation caps and gown doctoral degree must be placed in an area where it is out of reach of children or any individuals who are prone to destruction.

Caps and gown doctoral degree are very unique compared to Cap and gown for high school graduation, and cap and gown  masters degree. If one is privileged enough to wear such garment, always do the very best in taking good care of them.

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