Look Best in Your Graduation Custom Stoles

Commemorating your success is a very memorable moment. Through graduations, we are reminded of that day. Celebrating your commencement rites include the wearing of traditional graduation garments. This academic regalia play a significant role in the ceremony as each garb holds its own symbolism and purpose as discussed previously on another of our articles entitled “.”

For every level of education you finish, you get to wear different kinds of academic garments. After you’re through with college and proceed to your Master’s degree, you will have to wear a master’s regalia but that doesn’t mean you should look boring and dull. Custom stoles are available for you to look even better in your attire, even custom stoles for Master’s degree.

An academic stole is a scarf-like cloth is worn over the shoulders embroidered with various emblems which denote the graduate’s scholastic achievement. It is sometimes but oftentimes referred to as a sash. Like all other elements in the academic attire, it distinguishes you from other graduates.

Well, everyone wants to look their best for their big day not just because of the ‘paparazzi’ of proud parents but also to feel good. So, here are tips on how to do just that along with the custom stoles.

Ready your graduation regalia. Be certain to prepare your outfit for the ceremony. After all, the stole is merely a part of the entire academic garment. Consider an appropriate clothing to wear under your robe. That goes for the shoes too. Pick out a pair of shoes that doesn’t only look good with your vest but is also comfortable and easy to walk with.

Save the best for last. Wear your Master’s ceremony cap and robe first before putting on your graduation stole. Graduation stoles in general are meant to be displayed therefore it should be the outermost layer of your costume. These show your accomplishments, major and affiliations in school.

Wearing of the academic stole. Position the stole with the velvet side facing up. The V shape of the base should be facing in front of the nape of the neck with the tassels hanging down your back. Have the academic stole go over your shoulders and drape on top of your graduation gown. You may secretly pin the stole to your gown to keep it in place. Most importantly, don’t forget to ensure the embroidery and other decorations are facing right side up.

Ask for help. Sometimes being required to wear garments that are not what we’re accustomed to wearing, especially those that have so many layers with it are hard to put on. You’re not expected to do this all on your own. Ask help from your family and friends. They can also assess how you look before stepping out the door. It’s always a good idea to have an input in another perspective.

After following these simple steps, another helpful reminder is to be sure to verify the university’s guidelines and to make sure you get the right color for your stole when purchasing and availing for custom stoles. Now you’re all set for the cameras and your graduation day!

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