The Origin of College Graduation Ceremonies

People give college graduation great attention as it is the day when a student puts an end to his or her academic stage and continue to another stage of his or her life. Certainly, this is what you also feel as someone who graduates. You have to say adieu from your uphill struggle in studies with a kindhearted farewell and welcome the new point of your life to professionalism at the same time in graduation day.

Allow yourself to fulfill the moment of goodbye in your school, teachers, and your classmates and friends. Make your parents be very proud of you as you receive your diploma on the stage. Most of all, give yourself the last academic hit by wearing the best college graduation attire. But ?

The graduation attire is composed of gown, hood, and cap. Yet, several colleges and universities today compose their own styles and colors. But when you track the tradition of graduations that was initiated 100 years ago, in the midst of 12th and 13th centuries, the universities were just taking shape. Most of their classes were carried out in a church or buildings in close proximity. Historians proposed that students in universities should start wearing gowns influenced by the clergy.

In the previous days, any scholar, be it a teacher or a student, has similar style of dress that were used by the clerics even though there were few exceptions. Medieval scholars usually belonged to some cases at any rate. They made definite vows so that they have to use long gowns as well as hoods to wrap their heads.

In the 19th century, the color of the graduation gowns was largely changed because of the Gardner Cotrell Leonard of Albany, New York contributions. It was Mr. Leonard who designed the graduation gowns at Williams College for his class in 1887. When he released his article regarding the academic dress in 1893, the Intercollegiate Commission invited him and guided him to have a regular system of academic outfit. The Columbia University had adopted the new academic dress code of Intercollegiate Commission. They did not only standardize the style, cut and materials of the academic gowns, but they also designated the colors for every academic discipline.

That is why when you are graduating next month for example, don't wonder anymore why there are different colors in each area of discipline. Today, a graduand can purchase academic regalia without hassle through Internet. Online stores are flourishing on the web. Look for GradShop college graduation gowns and hoods collections to help your purchasing much easier. You will surely satisfy with the item because GradShop offers great quality in fabric and style.

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