Understanding Graduation Caps

High School Graduation CapsThe graduation cap has been used for centuries already. It has become an essential part of the graduation ceremony. However, this square thing with a round fit on the head isn’t just any other graduation apparel. It is worn because of its very essence to the event. The changing times have also affected the styles and uses of the graduation cap. This article will help you understand your graduation cap even more.

Dated back from the 16th century, the graduation cap that is being used in the U.S. started out at the Oxford University. These caps were also seen in France and Italy and all-over Europe. It has also been noted that during the Middle Ages students had to wear robes, hats and hoods almost as similar as those worn by the clergy. This has been a tradition ever since and has transcended even to the graduation ceremony. This has been standardized in 1895 in the United States and the attire has been required to be either black or grey. However, as the years passed the color of the graduation attire has changed. Some universities have patterned the color with that of the school’s official color. The varieties of caps and apparel have proven that each university has its own history to tell. Even now you can find that these caps come in different types.

One of the most commonly used cap is the mortarboard style. This style of cap is mostly used by high school graduates and those from masteral schools. Although some masters degree require the tams which are usually bigger and are made of black velvet. There are different shapes for these tams and they are not the usual mortarboard style. These tams can come in 4,6, and 8 corner designs. The type of tam you can use may depend on your preference and body type.

The caps also have attached tassels with them that may come in different colors. The color of the tassel may vary depending on the field of study earned. Among the colors of tassels are as follows: undergraduates-black; education degree-light blue, doctorate degrees- gold; technology courses-red. The color mainly distinguishes the graduates apart from others and indicates the specific degree that each has earned. It is very important that you know the specific color for your tassel so you can buy the right items for you ahead of time. You can check for online suppliers for quality products that will definitely fit your budget as well. There are many suppliers on the net and you can surely find one that will provide you with the items that you need.

When looking for graduation caps online, you have to make sure that the supplier is reliable. This will assure you quality products and excellent service. You may also want to get the entire graduation apparel from one supplier only. You might even get a great deal when doing this. If you are on a tight budget you can look for on-sale items months before the graduation. Usually, inventory is done during off-peak graduation season. Soyou can take advantage of this and get a cost-saving item.

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