How to Keep Graduation Caps in Place

Graduation caps complete the whole look of a graduate during a graduation rite. Along with the graduation gown, it helps create an atmosphere of formality during the said event. It also builds a sense of pride among the graduate as well as their loved ones as they reach another milestone in the graduate’s life.

However, graduation caps can be a source of stress for some graduates if they fail to wear them properly. The most part of a graduation day is spent in taking pictures. Having an unsecured cap may become a distraction during this time. It’s important to keep it in place. Follow the advices below keep your cap in place.

1. Style your hair in a way that will make securing the cap easier. Graduation caps are easier to wear when the hair is kept loose. Avoid extravagant hair dos with intricate buns. It’s harder to wear you cap in this manner.

2. Add a little friction to your hair by wearing a little amount of hair wax, gel or spray mist. This adds grip and helps the cap fit snugly in your head.

3. Avoid placing your cap too far from your forehead. Having caps in this angle makes it easier to slip. Allow the cap to cover at least half of your forehead so that it’s secured more tightly in its place.

4. If all else fails, you can make use of bobby or hair pins to secure your cap in place. Crisscross two pins to secure the cap. Have a pair on each side. See to it that the colour should be the same with the colour of your cap.

Graduation caps are notorious in causing stress to people during a graduation ceremony. It’s a wise decision to anticipate the adjustments needed to address such problems that might arise. Following the suggestions above will help you have enjoy your graduation with less worries.

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