Trivia About Custom Stoles, Graduation Robes And Graduation Caps


Bestbuttman - Greek Stoles and Their OriginEvery one knows what a graduation day is, but most of us don’t know why we dress up in those robes and wear those caps for that special day. But if you've ever wondered why we put on a robe, move the tassel around the graduation cap, or don custom stoles over our shoulders, look no more, for here we will talk about bits of trivia of academic regalia and graduation days.

The custom stole 

Putting on a graduation gown will already make you look significant, but if there is one thing that your outfit lacks, it’s the stole. Custom stoles bring more creativity and uniqueness to a graduation outfit. This is because when you look at a graduation robe, most of the time it looks just like any other. The quickest way you will be able to distinguish a high school graduate from a student with a doctorate degree is through checking what the stole looks like. Custom Greek stoles were very popular back then too, simply because it’s an easy way to express your personality and independence and yet still look like a part of the crowd. Nowadays, stoles come in so many varied styles, designs, fabrics, and brands that they are seen as just as important as the graduation robes.

  The graduation gown

If you look at a graduation gown, you may get a vague idea that they look similar to what the ancient Greeks and Romans used to wear back when they worshiped Zeus or Jupiter. And in fact, today’s graduation gown is a throwback to those times. The Greeks and the Romans were very particular about education, and to celebrate how far humankind has come since then, most schools and universities all over the world pay homage by dressing up their students in graduation robes. From the simpler styles that primary and secondary graduates wear to the very elaborate ones used by doctorate graduates, it seems very likely that graduation gowns, along with custom stoles, are here to stay.

The graduation cap

Dressing in graduation robes and custom stoles are just the first two parts, for no academic regalia will be complete without a graduation cap to top it all off. The first image that comes into your mind when you hear the phrase ‘graduation cap’ will most likely be the square mortarboard cap, for this is the most popular one. However, there is also the Tudor bonnet that is far less frequently used. This is a softer and less startling version, similar to how an artist’s cap looks like. It is usually reserved for teachers and other professionals who are members of special educational societies, and may be worn often or even every day.

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