How Open-Access Colleges Caused Gains in Graduation Rates

Gains in graduation rates are definitely beneficial. And we have open-access colleges to thank for the recent rises. | Image source:

A college education may not be accessible to a lot of students in the U.S., but graduation rates have increased, . This is obviously good news, since it spells something positive for America’s literacy.

It is definitely a disadvantage if students drop out from school, as it affects many different aspects—especially state policies, with rates reflecting the capabilities of a certain territory. There’s always that freedom to drop out and many students leave their programs and their opportunity to attain higher education behind.

As state policy is affected, we believe that it should cover more on measures to further increase the rates of college students graduating. The focus on open-access institutions is crucial, and making them affordable and more available to the public would be a good initiative .

More state investment for government aids may be allocated to students who find have difficulty paying tuition fees. There is, after all, an association between financial aid and an increase in graduation rates. Taking advantage of such correlation will definitely give states a better reputation when it comes to literacy and such.

Another move the government can provide is a state-wide committee or policy which provides a clear approach to the matter at hand.

If graduation rates continue to soar, this will spell progress for the country, as many will be educated of their rights and responsibilities. This could partly solve the problem of unemployment or underemployment and increase citizens’ standard of living. And as mentioned, the state has a duty to impose provisions which will pave the way to keeping students from dropping out without being too intrusive with their campus lives.

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