Digital Education: Best iOS Apps for Students

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Now that we are living in an age where technology like super-lightweight laptops and ultra-thin smartphones are now commonplace, it’s no surprise that many students have taken to such gadgets and use them to augment their academic lives. And with so many software developers finding ways to create innovative apps on a regular basis, students will no longer have to rely on old-fashioned methods of learning. From mathematics to English and science, here are some of the best apps available today for students who are Apple tech devotees.

The App:

Overview: Imagine the best physical graphing calculator made into an app for mobile devices.

Price: Free

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High school and college students studying advanced mathematics will no longer have to deal with buying expensive and bulky calculators for solving their complex equations thanks to this handy app that has the functionality of a scientific calculator and includes other great features such as a unit converter and graphing.

The App:

Overview: A great tool for learning concepts and terms that covers several fields of life science.

Price: Free

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Life science is generally taught in middle school and high school, so students on these levels should consider downloading this amazing science glossary app where they will learn plenty of important terms about the subject via photographs, videos, and other interactive elements.

The App:

Overview: With books now going digital, this innovative app keeps students up to date in the book scene.

Price: Free

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The great thing about LumiBook is that it is part of an online cloud, meaning students who have this app will get to receive constant updates on their favorite authors, engage with other users in the community, as well as news on the latest editions of school textbooks and related course materials.

The App:

Overview: Organize your homework for all subjects with this neat app.

Price: $0.99

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Disorganization of your schoolwork will now be a thing of the past thanks to this handy app that allows you to input and keep track of all your homework and other school projects with ease. With a streamlined design and user-friendly features, it’s easy for students to stay on track with their studies.

The App:

Overview: Learning the answers to your study questions has never been more fun thanks to this app.

Price: Free

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When you’re studying for an exam and you want to challenge yourself, consider using this app that lets you “peek” at the notes you’ve made so it can help you jog your memory. If you already have an existing Evernote account, all you need to do is to synchronize your account with the app on your mobile device.

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