Best Ski Destinations for Your Winter Break

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Now that the holidays are upon us, it’s a perfect time for college students and high school kids everywhere to enjoy their winter break downtime with some fun in the snow. So if you’re in the mood for some serious skiing action or any other winter sport, there’s no better place to make it happen than a popular ski destination. Whether you desire to conquer the powdery white slopes like a professional Olympic athlete or you just simply want to channel your inner Queen Elsa and , consider booking a trip to any of these prime ski destinations for a well-deserved winter break vacation.

If You’re in New England…

The northeastern region of the United States is home to many accessible ski resorts for students studying in the area and don’t want to schlep all the way to other well-known ski destinations in the country.

Connecticut is home to and while Maine has places like and . You can also check out other cool ski spots in New England like in Massachusetts, in New Hampshire, in Rhode Island, and in Vermont.


If You’re in the East Coast…

Students in the Mid-Atlantic States have plenty of nearby options when it comes to great ski destinations. New York and Pennsylvania alone have that East Coast kids won’t have to shell out the big bucks for airfare to go someplace else that’s far away from them.

You can try out places like , , and the in New York. Over in Pennsylvania, you’ll find some fantastic choices like , , and . Outside of these states, neighbors like New Jersey have while Maryland has the .


If You’re in the Southeast…

If you think that just because you’re living in the South, it doesn’t mean that there’s a severe lack of snowy places for you to enjoy winter break. If you’re tired of the sunny beaches in Florida and want some hardcore snow-filled action, then head on over to in North Carolina or take a trip to in Tennessee to shake off the sweltering temperatures of whichever southern state you’re living and studying in. Elsewhere, you can visit awesome locations like or , which are both situated in the state of Virginia.


If You’re in the Midwest…

Midwesterners basically have a winter wonderland smorgasbord when it comes to quality ski destinations. States like Michigan and Wisconsin have the highest concentration of ski resorts in the Midwest, so you won’t have any trouble finding good places to stay for your winter break vacation.

Michigan has spots like , , and ; Wisconsin lays claim to places such as , , and . You might also want to try out these other Midwestern hotspots: in Illinois, in Indiana, in Minnesota, in Missouri, in North Dakota, in South Dakota, and in Ohio.


If You’re in the Rocky Mountains…

Congratulations! Students who live in states near the Rocky Mountains are considered as the best places to ski in the United States whenever the winter season approaches. And the glittering crown jewel of this blessed region undoubtedly goes to in Colorado, where it is hailed by many visitors as to rival those in Europe and Asia.

However, Aspen can get too crowded during its peak season, though you won’t run out of other fabulous options. Head on over to these places that are just as great when Aspen is fully booked for the season: in Arizona, in Idaho, in Montana, in New Mexico, in Utah, and in Wyoming.


If You’re in the West Coast…

Normally, when you think of the West Coast, you’d think of activities better suited to the summertime like sun-drenched surfing than skiing on the snowy slopes. That’s where you’re mistaken, because there are several high-altitude areas in the western United States where snowfall is sufficient enough to do some serious winter sports! Take California, for example. Not only is the Golden State known for its sunny coastlines, but it also happens to have in the West Coast!

Places like , , , , , and can all be found in California. Outside of this popular state, you can also take a decent winter break in locations like in Alaska, in Nevada, in Oregon, and in Washington.

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