Awesome Things to Look Forward to This Fall

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In just a few more weeks, summer will give way to fall. And with the changing of seasons, students are gearing up to prepare for the new school year that lies before them. But school isn’t the only thing that heralds the arrival of autumn for students. Kids and teens everywhere have plenty of reasons to be excited for fall, and the points featured below are just some of the awesome things that students are sure to embrace with open arms after settling in on their first day back in school.

Fall colors


Summer is marked by hyper-saturated hues from the sparkling azure of the sea to the electric neon lights of nighttime dance parties. But when fall takes over, the palette transforms and the world is awash with subtle yet brilliant shades indicative of the season like golden tree leaves and the lush colors of seasonal produce. All eyes will be wide open in wonder at the plethora of the season’s kaleidoscope of autumnal tones.


Fall fashion.


Kids and teens are always looking for the coolest style movements, and fall is the perfect platform for students to showcase the newest trends in their clothing and accessories. Autumn wardrobe staples like coats, jackets, and scarves are sure to be reinterpreted in various fabrics and designs to attract young sartorialists and ensure that a huge dose of fashion is injected along with their practical function.


Fall holidays


A lot of youths are excited about the holidays, and fall offers plenty of those treasured holidays for maximum enjoyment with friends and family. Labor Day and Columbus Day are just some of the known holidays that are part of the fall season, as is Thanksgiving. But the one special day—even though it isn’t technically a holiday—that kids of all ages look forward to every year is definitely of the free candy variety: Halloween!


Fall TV shows


When school is back in full swing, kids and teens need an outlet to relieve themselves of the pressure from their homework. Good thing that fall serves up plenty of such stress-relievers in the form of TV shows. New seasons of TV shows from exciting dramas and gut-busting comedies to various reality programs are always a fun highlight for many student couch potatoes every autumn. Hang ten for some fall channel surfing!


Fall food


Where summer offers bright and refreshing food and drinks, fall provides a decadent counterpoint to augment the cooler temperatures of the season. Think tart caramel apples and warm pumpkin pies. Think sweet Halloween candies and savory Thanksgiving fare. After a season where losing weight was important to look good in beach wear, it’s refreshing to just not care and dig in to the delicious flavors of autumnal food.

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