• Handling Difficult Preschoolers

    Misbehaving preschoolers may be a problem for you. Fortunately, here are some tips to help you out. | Image source: Huffington PostHave you ever had to put up with rowdy preschoolers? Then you may not know how to manage them! You can’t blame them for their behavior, considering they’re still in the phase of discovery. Winning over stubborn children is daunting. If you’re not used to the sort of demeanor they display, then you may be in for some trouble. Continue reading → ...

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  • Festive DIY Christmas Decorations You Can Make

    Put some festive cheer into your home by making some awesome DIY Christmas decorations! // Photo Source: Home Designing Now that the holiday season is in full swing, you are now free to channel a festive spirit into your home by breaking out some awesome Christmas decorations! But instead of the run-of-the-mill décor you’ll find in stores, consider making your own Christmas ornaments to make things even more charming and jovial. Besides, now that you have some time off from school to enjoy the holidays, you’ll certainly have fun creating these delightful pieces and impress your family members the minute you put them up for display. That being said, here are some cool suggestions for you to try. Continue reading → ...

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  • How to Pack Smart for Your Winter Break Getaway

    Find out how you can pack your bag wisely for your winter break vacation. // Photo Source: The Backslackers Packing light is necessary for any college student committed to going on a well-deserved winter break vacation after surviving a grueling fall semester. With a well-curated backpack or suitcase, you can easily chase down your scheduled flights or train rides to your holiday destinations with ease. But packing involves making really complex decisions because everyone has varying ideas on what they want to bring for their trip. But through this handy guide on how to pack wisely for your winter break getaway, you can discover the ways on how to edit the items in your travel bag without breaking your spine or your sanity. Continue reading → ...

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  • A College Student’s Guide to Navigating Black Friday

    Know how you can get through Black Friday without breaking the bank. // Photo Source: Post-Gazette Brace yourselves: Thanksgiving is coming. And the arrival of the holiday also means that people everywhere are gearing up for Black Friday—the day after Thanksgiving where plenty of people flock to retail outlets and shop for various products at deeply discounted prices. For college students on a budget, the opportunity to go shopping without breaking their savings account is definitely encouraging. However, the thing with Black Friday is that it can get very intense; what with hordes of shoppers scrambling around aisles to grab all the things they want before the store runs out of stock. So how should college kids go about Black Friday without sending themselves into panic mode? This handy game plan below should help them out when they’re planning to get their cheap retail therapy fix the day after Thanksgiving. Continue reading → ...

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  • How to Recover After Failing Your Midterms

    Earning a failing grade during midterms is not the end of the world. Here's how you can turn things around. // Photo Source: Onward State Failed your midterms? There, there… Everything’s going to be alright. You don’t have to beat yourself up too hard if you found out that you didn’t pass a test or two during your midterm exams, even if you studied very hard in the weeks prior to your tests. Sure, it might look bad at first, but it’s not the end of the world. There’s still the rest of the school term to complete, and you can use this moment to regroup and learn what you’ve done wrong so you can ace your finals near the end of the semester. Here are some helpful hints on how you can get back on track after performing badly during midterms. Continue reading → ...

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