graduation regalia guidelines

  • The Essence Of Gown And Cap

    Every school day is a usual day of head-breaking examinations, mind-boggling lectures, lengthy projects, and confusing activities among students. However, the graduation day is the end goal of that school life. Everyone is aiming to wear the precious gown and cap and pass through the aisle of success. The gown and cap or its hood has different colors for they represent various fields of disciplines. These colors have been largely standardized in the United States by the Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costume, and accepted by the American Council on Education in its Academic Costume Code.Color white is the most common color being used in gown and cap, especially in cap and gown preschool. Hence, in bachelor’s degree, color white represents the liberal arts; green for medicine; purple for law; golden yellow for science; and dark blue for philosophy. However, the code made a distinction that a graduate must portray the color of the specific subject of the degree and not the degr ...

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