Graduation Hoods

  • Graduation Hoods Sweatshirt/Shirts: Making New Waves In Your Graduation Day

    One of the latest happenings in the fashion world is the rise of the hoodies. Yes, this is indeed talking about your hoodie shirt or sweatshirt. Who would ever thought that this type of apparel has already become so popular? In fact, it is so popular that it is even included as graduation souvenirs. Graduates often choose graduation hoods sweatshirts as their souvenirs because it is much cheaper and can be used often. They can also be made according to the graduate's chosen design. There are websites available that will help you in your design and order your graduation hoods sweatshirts without even needing to leave your desk. Here are some tips on designing and ordering your graduation hoods/sweatshirts online: Make a rough design for your graduation sweatshirt. Make sure that is approved by all the graduating students or your batch mates. You can choose or make your design by incorporating you school or university colors and principle. However, most designs always have their gra ...

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  • Putting on Graduation Hoods: An Easy To Follow Guide

    Everyone is excited for their graduation day to come. Who wouldn't be, right? In fact, in their excitement, they would often become restless and tend to be neurotic at the simple things and problems. Most often than not, one of the problems they would often encounter before the big day is with regards to their graduation hoods. Have you ever experienced seeing an adorner taking up too much time when putting on the hood on the graduate’s head just because he/she has no idea on how to do it? Frankly, that exact situation happened to several graduates already. As a graduating student, you should take time to learn how to put on the graduation hood so that everything goes on smoothly when it’s time for you to go up on stage. Here are some tips and advices on Graduation hoods-How to put on: First, be sure that you have received the correct graduation hood. Have it delivered to your house two days prior to your graduation day to avoid any unnecessary delays. Check the size, color and in ...

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  • The graduation robe and the graduation cap or mortarboard may be the most important parts of academic regalia. But there is nothing quite like topping the ensemble off with a hood to achieve perfection. Graduation hoods are worn in universities and schools all around the world, and in this article we will discuss just what these special garments are for and how you can get the best deal from them. What are graduation hoods? In pictures and movies showing graduation days, more often than not, you see the students wearing this silky-looking garment over their shoulders. Those garments are known as graduation hoods. These are similar to regular hoods used for protection against rain and snow, although hoods in academic regalia serve a more decorative and less practical function. What are these hoods made of? Since hoods were first used in graduation dress, there have been several different fabrics used to make them, including wool, sheepskin, animal fur, silk, and satin. Nowadays, silk is ...

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  • Best Ways To Customize Your Graduation Hoods

    Like any other event, graduation clothing is crucial. This is the time that depicts both achievement and academic finale of a student. As a result, the mere graduation hoods as the piece of graduation clothing that holds the true meaning of this occasion have to be precise and well attached.  Hoods play a vast role in creating a majestic graduation day. The graduation hoods signify an incredibly rich meaning- pride and success to graduates. The practice of wearing a graduation hood for college graduates has been truly passed down from one generation to the next generations as existing civilizing changes. So to build an ultimate commencement day, guarantee your hood with its perfect required colors apart from the other pieces of regalia. Whether you finished your bachelor, masters, or PhD degree you have to acquire the right doctoral gowns, caps, especially the graduation hoods for the ceremony. There are numerous dissimilar colors that graduation hoods cleave to carry the symbol of th ...

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  • Graduation Hoods For Every Degree

    Oftentimes, some people thought that Graduation hoods are all the same. It was only recently when it was found out that these tradition academic regalia accessories are actually different and are given according to your degree. For those who have no prior knowledge of this, these are some information on how to distinguish graduation hoods. You can differentiate your academic hoods by its size, color of the velvet material, and color of the lining. The size and width of the velvet actually represent the type of degree the wearer is graduating from. The next time you go in a graduation ceremony, try to check the following: •    the smallest sized hoods are for Bachelor Degree graduates •    the medium size hoods are for students graduating in their Master's Degree •    the largest size hoods are for Doctoral or PhD graduates The velvet on the hood stands for the degree of the graduate. For example, Doctoral hoods are given the velvet color to correspond to their degree. So ...

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