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  • Doctoral Graduates: What to Do Before and After the Graduation Day

     Graduation days are always special, but anyone will agree that students graduating with doctorates are on a different level entirely. You can only earn a doctorate if you achieve the highest degree that a university holds. This depends on the study or discipline you are specializing in, but it is considered an honor because not everybody can accomplish it. Now that we have established how special doctoral graduation days are, we will now move on to what you need to do before and after the graduation day to ensure you are as prepared as possible. And since being prepared is equal to confidence and comfort, you also get to enjoy that unforgettable day to its fullest. Before the graduation day: -          Ensure that you have everything you need: graduation robe, graduation cap (this may be a mortarboard or a Tudor bonnet), academic hood, a diploma cover to keep the diploma safe, and the suit or dress you will be wearing underneath the graduation robe. Ideally all these items s ...

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