• Custom Stoles, Diploma Covers And Frames For Your Graduation

    If there’s one thing graduating students can’t seem to forget about, it’s how happy and excited they will expect to feel at finally getting that diploma and celebrating after. However, it’s important not to lose track of what you need to do. This is because if you forget to prepare some items or do some necessary tasks, you may find yourself far more stressed than you would like on your graduation day. Check out our tips below to find out what you need to do to prepare for that special day.Get custom stoles Every single graduation day is special, because if think about it, you don’t get to graduate from high school twice. Even for university, where you can go for associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees, you only get one ceremony for each. This is why you should consider going for custom stoles. These are sashes made of a special fabric like silk or velvet, worn on top of the graduation gown and over the shoulders. A stole will turn an ordinary black graduation robe and ...

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  • Trivia About Custom Stoles, Graduation Robes And Graduation Caps

      Every one knows what a graduation day is, but most of us don’t know why we dress up in those robes and wear those caps for that special day. But if you've ever wondered why we put on a robe, move the tassel around the graduation cap, or don custom stoles over our shoulders, look no more, for here we will talk about bits of trivia of academic regalia and graduation days. The custom stole Putting on a graduation gown will already make you look significant, but if there is one thing that your outfit lacks, it’s the stole. Custom stoles bring more creativity and uniqueness to a graduation outfit. This is because when you look at a graduation robe, most of the time it looks just like any other. The quickest way you will be able to distinguish a high school graduate from a student with a doctorate degree is through checking what the stole looks like. Custom Greek stoles were very popular back then too, simply because it’s an easy way to express your personality and indepe ...

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  • Custom Stoles and When to Wear Them

    It’s no surprise to us when we see graduates at their ceremonial rites wearing the required traditional graduation garments. The academic regalia signify your achievements and success in school, most specially the academic stole. Even further with custom stoles as the customized cloth makes it more symbolic and memorable. Some schools may not requireire you to wear the graduation stoles but that should not eliminate the garment as part of the entire academic outfit. For as long as the school would allow the sporting of the scarf-like cloth then there shouldn’t be any problem at all. Graduation stoles are not like ordinary stoles. These are beautiful pieces of fabric that can become your family heirlooms and memorabilia to commemorate your success and achievement. That being said will give you more reasons why you can customized stoles. Customized graduation stoles make them personal and more special because it is tailored to how you would want it, it will fit you better than usual ...

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  • Why Custom Honor Stoles become a Massive Mania in Graduation Event

    In graduation day, custom honor stoles are worn by graduates as part of their academic regalia. These pieces are important that bear ceremonial meaning. There are so many institutions that are currently replacing the conventional black academic gowns with colored presentation of white that holds traditional importance. A large number of graduating students in college have no ideas about custom honor stoles. If you are one of them, then you should know it because this is particularly part of the pieces of the graduation insignia. They are worn by graduates all the way through academic events. This is completely satisfactory which universities allowed this practice for how many years now. Using the ordinary custom honor stoles is a massive mania to consider in this educational big event. Stoles are attire that are used over the gown around your neck and will fall down in front. If they are already utilized since 12th century, the idea of re-fashioning them in the 21st century brings grea ...

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