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  • Getting Real: Weighing Your Prospects after Hanging Up That Graduation Gown

    As the holidays draw near, so does the winter graduation season. Yet again, our successful candidates will undergo the rites of passage before venturing into the real world. Parents and students alike eagerly prepare for this special event. The question is: are our graduates ready for what lies ahead? More Graduates, Lesser (Well-Paying) Jobs: Will college be a good investment?Source:Far beyond graduation gowns and all other superficiality, the preparedness of our graduates is paramount. This is a very big question that requires much thought and consideration in a country that produces a big workforce (with said quality education), however, there are not enough jobs to go around. In total, there will be about 3,314,600 high school graduates and around 1,836,000 college graduates for the academic term 2013-2014, and these figures are projected to rise continuously in the future. Considering the figures, there are many factors why some high school graduates don’t proceed to get a c ...

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  • Save More for Doctoral Graduation Cap and Gown

    You know how the occasion of graduation is very important to finalize your education. In this case, you should prepare in advance your Doctoral graduation cap and gown for the formal ceremony. Everything should be fitted and accurate. The regalia are basics for a graduation ceremony. These garments structure the real meaning of the graduation ceremony. They are actually the symbol of excellence, wisdom, and honor. Graduation is an affair that's important milestones of a person. It is the initiation of someone's success as it is observed as a person's stepping stone towards incredible prospects. The Doctoral graduation cap and gown is a mark of conquest that you need to pay attention to reward yourself due to your excellence and extraordinary educational endeavor. That is why the academic dress should be royally prepared and worn in the day of the event.If you are currently looking for Doctoral graduation cap and gown, don't worry there's always a way for that. How doctoral cap and go ...

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  • Where To Purchase Cap And Gown?

    There are several things that are associated with the term graduation. One of these is the academic regalia. Among the many things that can be seen fashioned by candidates during this extraordinary day, the academic regalia are considered as the basic items. It is made up of three essential pieces: the academic robe, hat and hood. Considering the different levels of academic degrees, these graduation items also come in different styles as to represent these particular degrees. Furthermore, during the said academic formality, these pieces are incorporated with the use of other academic accessories such as the stoles and cords. There are few inquiries that candidates for graduation are faced with. Other than having to ask about how to correctly wear a certain graduation item questions like where to purchase cap and gown are also one of their major concerns. Some academic institutions wholly provide their students as well as professors with their respective academic regalia. With this mea ...

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  • Cap And Gown Purchase: Finding The Right Dealer

    The commencement exercise entails more than the standard activities that are embraced within the event. Other than these given happenings, the academic wardrobe is also one of the important components that makes up to the completeness of the event. Wearing these academic garments is one of the highlights of this occasion. Indeed, acquiring the needed academic pieces for the ceremony is a fundamental task to be done. It is necessary to look for the right dealer or shop that can provide excellent quality items and be a good choice for a cap and gown purchase. Looking best on this day is something to be taken as an indispensable factor. The graduation ceremony is no ordinary occasion and therefore, if should be attended with the appropriate wardrobe and accessories. During this period, a lot of things are being handled by graduating students as well as professors who will also take part during the event. Aside from finishing a lot of school related activities and deadlines to catch up to ...

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  • Measuring The Right Graduate Cap And Gown

    Commencement exercise is a long ceremony, at the same time, the number of people attending it is flooding. Wearing academic regalia over the casual attire would just add to body heat that may cause one to be uncomfortable. One should make sure that the graduate cap and gown has the right fit on the user. How to achieve it? Ask a friend to help out in the whole process because it would be difficult to do it alone. Prepare the shoes and the suit to be worn on that day for it will help in getting the right measurement of the regalia. If the casual outfit will be worn during the measurement, there will be a slight difference on its size. If the suit is thick, and the casual garment is body-fit, there will be a tendency that the allowance will just be enough for the suit to fit. Short-sized regalia are not good to look at. It’s like wearing a body-hugging gown during prom nights. That’s why exact measurements are needed for the graduate cap and gown. Measure the height from the tip of t ...

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