Personalized Academic Regalia Cords

  • Why Personalized Cords Are Good For Academic Regalia

    Probably, you will agree, albeit perhaps in a lesser degree, that those graduation days truly are some of the most memorable days in your life. You certainly looked forward to your graduation and you were as almost as excited as your parents to don the full academic regalia that you can only wear on those days. I remember that it was freezing cold on my high school graduation day and that I was pretty grateful for the warm and comfortable graduation robe, but what I can’t forget until now is how excited I was at the sight of those academic regalia cords. Unfortunately, I wasn’t an honor student in high school so all I could do was stare with envy at the classmates who graduated with honors for naturally the cords hanging from their shoulders made their academic regalia seem much more impressive than mine. I was quite mischievous in high school and I would have bought and worn my own cord if I could have gotten away with it. Unfortunately, my school ordered personalized graduation ...

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