What Composes The Academic Regalia For Masters Degree

An academic regalia is a traditional attire worn by those that have enrolled in a university degree. It is usually composed of a graduation gown, hood and cap. The tradition of wearing such wardrobe during graduation can be traced back during the medieval period. Students during those times were required to wear an academic cap in school to protect their heads from the different weather conditions. Also, robes or gowns were a trend back then and were considered as school uniforms. This explains why during graduation, graduates get to wear a gown and a cap.

Academic regalia for masters degree differ a lot from the ones being worn by the undergraduates. Although academic regalia MD is still composed of the same items such as the gown, hood and the cap, it differs a lot in terms of color and design.
Graduation gowns of masters degree are usually multi-colored unlike the undergraduates which only comprises of one solid color. Their gowns also have designs such as three horizontal stripes found at both of the sleeves of the gown. Some gowns even have university seals embroidered on them.

A graduation hood on the other hand is a detachable piece of clothing where a masters degree graduate gets to wear on stage in front of the whole crowd. In some graduation ceremonies, hooding a graduate usually involves the participation of the family of the graduates in the so called hooding ceremony.

Meanwhile, a graduation cap for masters degree do not really differ from the undergraduates. The cap would be the traditional mortarboard, which is a piece of horizontal square head dress fixed upon a skull-cap. Master degree caps only differ with the tassel since their tassels are highly accessorized with charms. These charms are usually metal key chain-like pieces indicating the batch year of the graduate or the logo of the school.

Tassels also vary in colors. Depending on the design and the kind of masters degree, a tassel can have up to three colors. Gold tassels however are mostly reserved for those entitled to wear such as graduates of doctorate degrees.

Upon wearing the entire academic regalia for masters degree, make sure to have worn the right attire under them. Which means, ladies should wear knee-length dresses and men should wear button down shirts and dress pants accompanied with dark leather shoes. Ensure that the colors one will be wearing would match the colors of the academic regalia.

In sum, academic regalia for masters degree are more than just garments to add up aesthetics of the entire graduation ceremony. They symbolize pride and triumph over the last years of ones academic life. It is a treasure that keeps the graduation memory and pride alive for the years to come as one faces a new chapter of his or her life. There may not be any best academic regalia but they are definitely the best addition to that diploma one will be receiving and that tassel ceremoniously being flipped to the other side.

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