The Tassel On The Academic Regalia

As we grow older, we come into many discoveries and learning out of our curiosity in how things are done and are made to work in this world. One of the things that we were very curious about since then is on why cute tassels are attached to garments especially the academic regalia. When one graduates from school, we often see them wearing a graduation gown paired up with a square academic cap. Then we see that within the two garments worn, there are those weird looking fabrics that are hang on different places. As children, they might find them ridiculous to look at, but then we come to realize that they are actually what we call tassels.

Aside from them attached on the square academic cap, academic regalia tassel can also be found on graduation cords. These cords are used to award and recognize graduates of their achievements in school. They are rope-like except that they are knotted in a particular manner and have tassels attached on both their ends. They may come in different colors, but most of the time they come in reserved colors like gold and silver. These colors are reserved for higher awards while the cords of different colors are used for other awards.

Aside from the square academic cap, other graduates use other types of caps in their academic regalia. For instance, graduates of doctorate degrees get to wear a tam which is similar to a Tudor cap. These caps, however, still do have tassels attached to them like the way it is attached to the square academic cap. But unlike the graduation cords which have reserved colors, the tassels used on these caps follow a particular color which is matched with the color of the academic hood. Such colors are based depending on what school or degree one will be graduating with.

Tassels play an important role in a graduation ceremony. They are not placed there just to add to the overall aesthetics of the entire academic regalia. Ceremonies include the turning of the tassels which involve graduates to flip their tassels from left to right to symbolize their transition from being a student to finally becoming a graduate. Tassels therefore, have deep symbolism which is why they should be kept important when graduating.

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