The Significance of Graduation Gown Masters

Most graduation ceremonies have a lot in common. Graduates get to wear nice clothes topped with academic regalia which generally consist of a graduation cap, graduation gown and an academic hood or stole. These, along with the diploma play great important roles in the ceremony; they not only aesthetically please the audience from it’s majestic colors, but also give the candidates the confidence and acknowledgement. In fact, that is what graduation is really about - acknowledgement and recognition for all the hard work that one has pushed over the past few years in his or her academic life.

Graduating with masters degree also requires one to wear the same regalia and practice the traditional graduation ceremony. Graduation gown masters and caps, as well as academic hoods are also being worn. These items are very important as each carries an academic symbol. A masters degree gown and hood bares a rich history and tradition which is the main reason why it has been carried over up to the modern times.

Over the years, graduating students have been traditionally wearing the general academic regalia. The tradition has actually been traced from the mid-centuries where university students are required to wear gowns as a form of academic clothing together with an academic cap. These graduation gown masters are worn in different times particularly during commencement. Over the years, the wearing of such items were carried over by tradition and the items were enhanced to suit the modern day look.

Graduation caps, or commonly known as the mortarboard, are generally being worn by graduates long ago for the purpose of covering their heads and protecting them from the weather since most graduation rites before were done in open areas or fields. Now, even if graduation ceremonies are commonly held indoors, graduates still get to wear these caps as a sign of brilliance and its tassels symbolically plays the transition of a student to graduate during ceremonies. These tassels are attached to the mortarboards and vary in color depending on the degree one will be graduating in.

Academic hoods, like the graduation gown masters degree, are also traditionally from the mid-century. Now, they are used to differentiate different academic degrees with their different colors and designs. In fact, the term “graduating with flying colors” was coined after the graduation hoods which are colorful in nature. Some schools and universities, however, may or may not have their graduates wear hoods. Instead, they have them wear academic stoles which are also colorful and serve the same purpose as the hoods.

The graduation gown masters, together with the other items which comprise the whole academic regalia, are indeed very symbolic and important in making a graduation ceremony memorable. It is great for one to know why one gets to wear such in an occasion like graduation since it adds more confidence to the graduate. One must not just wear unusual attire simply because he or she has to; these unusual clothes are worn to symbolize something which has been carried over the centuries by tradition

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