Preparing For Your Masters Graduation Robe


Graduating in school would just be the most awesome thing that will happen to a student in his or her entire academic life. Finishing school would generally happen only once in a lifetime, but this is not the case for the graduates of masteral degrees. Since it would most likely be the second or even third graduation ceremony that they will be attending in their lifetime, such event could not be new to them. However, the feeling of excitement and other mix of emotions still remains and the experience would always be different apart the other previous graduation ceremonies that they have attended.

Graduating from graduate school can be felt even more special than the feeling of graduating from a bachelor’s degree. A masters degree is indeed a higher level of study, thus efforts should be doubled or extended even more to finish the degree. Finishing a bachelor’s degree could already be dreadful and requires total perseverance, what more when one has to finish a masteral degree right?

Despite the difference in experiences, nevertheless whether it be you graduating with a bachelor’s degree or any of the graduate degrees, it will always hold true that all the graduates will be wearing special garments to complete the graduation experience. Collectively known as the academic regalia, the garments include a graduation gown, academic square cap and an academic hood. These garments are traditionally worn every time commencement exercises are being executed in schools or universities. They are garments which are symbolic and are highly associated with the academe; every garment represents something which is why they are worn over the years.

For someone who will be graduating from masteral, one is then required to wear a masters graduation robe. They apparently look similar as the graduation gowns worn by the other graduates except that there are some differences. Their masters graduation robe seem to be made out of more special materials and have special details like velvet panels and pocket slits. In addition, the masters graduation robe may appear larger since they have full bell sleeves which make them look more puffy. The sleeves also have three stripes on them; such designs and details do not appear on the regalia worn by other graduates.

Wearing the masters graduation regalia, however, is a lot similar with the others. A separate article has actually been written to discuss the wearing of the garments further. You can read on the article entitled within this blog.

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