Tips on Wearing Academic Hoods and Other Academic Regalia Properly

On the day of your graduation, you may have all your family and friends around you. It’s also very likely that you are wearing your complete graduate attire. However, if there is one thing that can mess up your special day, it’s when you don’t know how to wear academic regalia properly. Check out the tips below to help you look picture-perfect on your graduation day. They will also help you be prepared and bring you to your most confident level, for if you look your best, you will certainly feel that you are at your best too.

Academic hoods

Nothing can top off an immaculate graduation robe better than a hood. These sashes made of silk or satin may look quite simple, but no graduating student will fail to feel special with one draped over their shoulders. Some academic hoods are quite simple and feature just one shade of silk, while others are far more elaborate and feature designs such as embroidery or stitching of the university symbol and/or motto.

Hoods should be worn with the ends hanging on the front and the middle of the cloth hanging low near the middle of the back. Make sure the hood isn’t twisted, and for the middle to hang neatly, the ends should be parallel to each other. The center of the hood will naturally fold in on itself, although some extra-special hoods may have an inner lining made of a thicker cloth to keep it stiff.

For graduates of law, some universities give special attention to the hoods. Fur lining may be included, and depending on the school, the graduates may wear their academic hoods all throughout the ceremony or only during the commencement section.

Academic cords and stoles

Cords and stoles are similar accessories to hoods, but they are worn higher up on the back, draped around the back of the neck. This makes them easier to wear because they are in far less danger of slipping off the shoulders or being improperly arranged. Cords are made up of one or more different cords attached together at the middle with a piece of cloth or another cord, while stoles look like academic hoods but without the stitching in the center.

Graduation caps

Also known as mortarboards, these square academic caps make a matched pair with the graduation robes. In the middle of the square board springs out a tassel that may come in one or more shades, depending on the academic dress law of the university. In most cases, the tassel is moved from one side to the other, from left to right, once the graduation ceremony is over. Undergraduate students wearing the caps may also be made to wear the tassels on the right while only the graduating students can keep them on the left, but this also depends on the regulations of the university.

Academic regalia are most comfortable when they are in the perfect size and length for you, and one of the easiest ways to get a good fit is to check out GradShop. The website also features many styles and designs of hoods, cords, stoles and caps. You know you deserve the best attire on your graduation day, so do what you can to make sure you get the best regalia.

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